Celebration of National Youth Day

The 153rd Birth Anniversary of the legend who, continues to influence. The Youth even today, Swami Vivekananda, was celebrated by Amity Business School, AUMP with amazing zeal. Two events were organized to mark the event namely: Poster making and Collage making, There were 7 and 8 teams respectively, with each team constituting (on an average) 3 members. The theme for the Poster making competition was “Hero of the Youth”,and that for Collage making was “Science and Spirituality”. The students of the 4th and 6th semesters of the courses B.B.A., B.Com(H) and B.A.(Eco.) marked their presence in the event both as participants and volunteers. While the volunteers exhibited their utmost sense of responsibility, the participants exhibited their talents and various qualities of team work from coordination to cooperation etc.

During the event one could see a solar system in one aisle, Swami Vivekananda’s image in another; diversity in India being united at a canvas, technology (from Google to Facebook to Whatsapp to Youtube to Snapchat and what not) being portrayed on another; Malala Yousafzai being sketched on a chart, her ideology on another; different religions popping out of a religion in a corner,different people popping out of a religion in another; a human brain emitting science and spirituality, both at the same time, on one sight, science and spirituality creating a human brain on the other; and finally a girl possessing all the colors of life signifying all the emotions from anger to love, from passion to purity of thought, from humor to tears, from strength to stability;a girl who’d respect strength but never power and won’t ever yield.

Some special guests for the event were: The chief guest Lt. General V.K. Sharma, AVSM Retd., Vice Chancellor, AUMP, Prof (Dr.) M.P. Kaushik, Pro Vice Chancellor, AUMP and HODs and HOIs of other departments. The Honorable judges for the events were: Dr. Y.P. Singh, HOI, ASAP and Dr. Iti Roychowdhury, HOI, ASCENT.The results were declared shortly after a meticulous examination of all the posters and collages that hung on parallel wires on the walls of the corridor.

The winners for the collage making competition were: a group of four students from B.Com (H) 6th semester, namely: Rani, Shivi, Simran, Malika; and the second position was grasped by another quartet from B.B.A 4thsemester, namely: Shanu, Ayushi, Bhoomi, Nishtha.

The winners for the poster making competition were: position went to B.Com (H) 4thsemester team, its members being: Kajal, Akansha, Sonali, Prakhar; and second position was held by a trio from B.B.A 4th semester, its members being: Priya, Ankit, Prashant.

The judging criteria was originality, relevance to the theme, visual impact and creativity.

The event was organized under the able leadership of Dr. Anil Vashisth. Director ABS & guidance of other faculty members.

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