“International Cyber Security Summit & Research Conference: Hacker Cup India – 2016” at Amity

“International Cyber Security Summit & Research Conference: Hacker Cup India – 2016” at Amity

Mr.Alok Vijayant-Director-National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) calls upon the youth to become “Information Warriors of Tomorrow”

“Central Cyber Registry” launched to find Cyber Security Experts  for safeguarding the country

Amity and Cyborg Cyber Forensics and Information Security Pvt. Ltd. (CCFIS) organized“International Cyber Security Summit &Research Conference: Hacker Cup India – 2016” at Amity Campus, Sector-125,Noida.

International Cyber Security Summit was attended by more than 200 CIOs, CISO, CEOs, CMDs from Corporate, MNC, Law Enforcement & Law.

CIO Great Achievers Awards were conferred upon Mr. Rajesh Uppal – Executive Director & CIO – Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., Mr Vijay Sethi- CIO &Head-CSR- Hero Moto Corp Ltd., Mr SR Bala – Ex President of Lotus User Group& former CIO of Hero Honda; Mr SC Mittal – Ex Executive Director &Group CTO of IFFCO and Mr. SC Arya –Ex CIO of Amtek Group.

Cyber Smart CIO Awards were conferred in various Sectors and the proud recipients included Manoj Kumar- Group-CIO, ACME Group Gurgaon(Telecommunication), Mr. Mukesh Sejwal- Head of IT-India , BT New Delhi(Telecommunication), Mr. Satish Ganpat Kadam- Sr Manager-IT , AG8 Venture Ltd,Bhopal (Real Estate ), Mr. Unique Kumar- Global Head It & CISO , Aptara Corp Noida (Financial Services), Ms. Pooja Chatrath-  AVP , Cryo Banks International Pvt Ltd, Gurgaon , Mr.Narottam Sharma -Head-IT & Information Security , Samsung R&D Institute India Noida (Technology Services) and others.

During the Conference, “Central Cyber Registry” waslaunched by Mr. Alok Vijayant-Director-National Technical Research Organization (NTRO), Dr. Ashok K Chauhan-Founder President, Amity Group, Dr. Aseem Chauhan- Chancellor, Amity University, Rajasthan and Founding Director, Cyborg Cyber Forensics and Information Security Pvt. Ltd, Dr. J S Sodhi-Executive Director, CCFIS and Dr. Gurinder Singh- Amity Group Addl. Vice Chancellor. “Central Cyber Registry”is a joint initiative of Amity- CCFIS and National Technical Research Organisation which aims at finding Cyber Security Experts to safeguard the country.

Welcoming the distinguished gathering, Dr. J S Sodhi-Executive Director, CCFIS said that Cyber Security is a growing concern worldwide because of huge involvement of Information Technology in our personal lives as well as in business world, making it necessary to secure and protect the daily lives of the people and national infrastructure that is based on cyber technology. Every day various security breaches and crucial data theft are reported, since hackers are working round the clock to steal information. He remarked that Cyber Crime cannot be contained with the help of one stakeholder but active engagement of all the stakeholders would help in mitigating the Cyber Crime. He shared that CCFIS is a research organization which was established to free the world from Cyber crime. It aims at training next generation of coders and ethical hackers which could help in making world a safe and secure place.

Sharing his distinguished views, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Group stressed that Indian brains are the best; technology can be bought,technical prowess can be learnt but the instinctive and intuitive brains of Indians cannot be substituted. He announced that very soon Amity would start a Course in Cyber Forensics and Information Security to nurture a brigade of “Information Warriors” for the country and the world.

Addressing the gathering, Mr. Alok Vijayant-Director-NTRO said that the proliferation of IT has created a stream of opportunities as well as challenges. The Computers are, now, being replaced by smaller devices like Smart Phones,Watches and other wearable gadgets and accordingly, the threat posed by IT has also evolved. He stressed that IT has four important foundations – People,Process, Technology and Innovation and it is imperative to safeguard what we have today and equally important is the security of people from complex threats emanating from Cyber realm.  He shared that Cyber Crime is generally done by Thrill Seekers, Disgruntled employees, Organized Criminals and Terrorist Groups and stressed that it is imperative that all stakeholders-Government, Public sector, Private Sector and People come together and fortify critical Information Infrastructure, leaving no scope for the breach of security. He highlighted that critical sectors and lifelines of the country such as Energy, Chemicals, Defense, Food, Agriculture, Communication and IT can be brought to a standstill by a hacker. He averred that India has an advantage of “Incubating” and “Innovating” and Crowd sourcing is the mantra for fighting cyber threats. He called upon the youngsters to have courage, will and ability to do something for the country and advised them to become “Information Warriors of Tomorrow”, picking up cudgels to safeguard the country against cyber threat.

Dr. Aseem Chauhan- Founding Director, Cyborg Cyber Forensics and Information Security Pvt. Ltd, while sharing his views, stressed that Cyber Security is very crucial in the present time and with the rise of Smart Cities and other innovations, Cyber Forensics and Information Security have gained lot of importance. He stressed that every Organisation and Institution need Information Security and finding solutions to cyber crimes will ensure their sustainability in the long run. He remarked that today ethical hackers are needed to address the complex challenges faced by the world and shared that CCFIS is working with Government Agencies and Police in the area of Cyber Crime especially Cyber Forensics with the help of state –of-the-art Malware Research Lab and Forensics Lab, where the experts rigorously keep on researching on the new findings.

During Hacker Cup India – 2016, over 100 students& Security Researchers from all over India were given special Trainings-“Security Training”, “Offensive Hacking Training”, “Malware Analysis Training”and “Exploitation Training” by renowned Security Trainers such as Mr. Vikas Arora- Senior Director - IT & Security, Toluna; Mr. M M Zafar- Manager –Technical Support, Design Tech Systems Ltd.

Subsequently,Hacking & Security Challenge was given to the students & security researchers. The aim of this event was to explore, encourage and reward the young minds who are willing to perform on security fronts.

Top Ten Positions holders, declared on the basis of cumulative scores, were awarded Laptops, Tablets and Smart Phones. Manish Kumar Singh was declared First Runner up, Prince Chaddha was declared 2nd Runner up, Piyush Goyal and Akshay Singh were declared 3rd and 4th Runners up.

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