Amity Law School Noida conducts a Panel Discussion on "Implementation of Laws in India : Drawbacks and Reforms

To keep budding lawyers abreast on effective implementation of laws in India,Amity Law School Noida organized a panel discussion on "Implementation of laws in India: Drawbacks and Reforms" at University Campus, Sector 125, Noida.

The occasion markedthe presence of eminent advocates and political leaders as panelists including Mr. Abhishek Dutt who is a member of the Congress Party, Municipal Councilor (South Delhi ward- Andrews Ganj); Ms. Alka Lamba, MLA, Aam Aadmi Party; Ms. Jyotica Bhasin, Lawyer - Supreme Court; Ms. Nupur Sharma, Lawyer; Ms. Prachi Srivastava, Editor - Legally India, Editor, HT Mint. 

The discussion spanned over a large variety of topics, ranging from gender issues, to obstacles in implementation, corruption etc.

Sharing her views, Ms. Alka Lamba compared the implementation between the Odd-Even rule and the Sexual Harassment Act. She said that however stringent a law is but the progress of legislation depends on effectual implementation. She stressed that in many cases, there is a lack of proper action despite victim filing an FIR,which pauses the entire justice delivering process. Emphasizing her concern over women security, Ms. Lamba said that India Legal System has provided various rights to women but there are people who resent an expansion of rights for women and go to extreme lengths to make sure that the law of thel and has no stronghold in their local communities. She averred that the Indian Judiciary may make various laws that protect women; however, none of this means much unless law enforcement agencies actually implement the law.

Enlightening the participants on Indian Law System, Ms. Nupur Sharma said that there are 1700 active laws in India, out of which many aren’t much in use such as, if a bicycle has headlights which are painted black or any such colour, a person can be fined. She stated that some laws are out dated and unnecessary, hence they need to be scrapped or amended and relevant laws have to be brought in order to update the legal system. She further briefed the audience about government funding and various legal procedures involved in it. 

Addressing the gathering, Ms. Jyotica Bhasin said that despite having existence of stringent laws for protection of working women, many issues of misbehave,sexual harassment or violence are still being reported each day. She emphasized that ensuring implementation of the laws for their protection and welfare becomes essential.

The panel discussion also highlighted various loopholes in Sexual Harassment Act wherein the panelists emphasized on the need for a powerful executive who can ensure punishment and remedial action so as it implements the laws the way they are supposed to be implemented. 

During the discussion, budding lawyers raised pertinent questions which were efficiently answered by the speakers.

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