‘Reflecting her’ – a Film Screening in Amity School of Communication

AmitySchool of Communication (ASCO) in association with the InternationalAssociation of Women in Radio and Television (IAWRT) screened a film titled ‘ReflectingHer’ in the ASCO Studio on January 5 2016.


The film produced by IAWRT (The InternationalAssociation of Women in Radio & Television) highlightsthe stories of 4 different women across 3 continents and describes lives andstruggles that are unique. The movie talks of reproductive and sexualhealth rights for women across the globe and mirrors the reality thatdespite being in the 21st century, women across the globe still faceviolations of rights that are basic to both men and women; whether it is thepractice of female genital mutilation in the Dawoodi Bohras of India, or thefight of one lady against Poland’s abortion laws, or an expectant mothersdilemma of choosing between a midwife and an hospital to deliver her baby inthe settlements of Kenya, or TVEF’s initiative in South Africa to empower andeducate locals, especially women about female condoms and put choice in theirhands, quite literally, how these women face all forms of oppression. ‘Reflecting-Her’, is a film produced collaboratively with producers and directors from 4countries.


Thefilm was an eye opener and this sentiment was echoed by the 100 odd studentswho attended the film screening and followed by the panel discussion. The discussion aimed to reflect upon what the filmbrought to light.


Prof.Col.R. K. Dargan, Advisor, ASCO, chaired the discussion and the panellists were Dr.Sonakshi Ruhella, Assistant Professor at Amity School of Psychology &Allied Sciences and Mr. Pankaj Rakesh, Veteran Film maker and Visiting Facultyat ASCO. The variedfields of expertise of the panellists brought different perspectives to thetable, whether it was an Indian Army veteran’s experiences in the military withrespect to reproductive health in his regiment, or his experience as a leaderof so many students and their struggles with gender and sex. Psychologicalperspective was shared by Dr. Ruhella who aimed to direct the audience’sthoughts to the psycho-social aspects of the entire ‘bold’ discussion and Mr.Rakesh shared his observations over the years while making films on such topicsand his interactions with the people involved.


The vibrantinternational organization IAWRT works on the network of women working intelevision, film, radio and web-based journalism. This globalorganization formed by professional women working in electronic and alliedmedia with a mission to strengthen initiatives towards ensuring women’s views providesopportunities to share experiences and contribute towards uplift of women.  Organizing conferences and projects is one ofthe activities of IAWRT. The aim of the organization is to highlight women related issues and engage in constructiveconversations leading to behavioral change. IAWRT organizes regional and international conferences, workshopsand training for the professional development of its members. It providea uniqueopportunity to exchange views with the world’s media professionals. Awards of Excellence honor forthe creativity of women producers of outstanding radio and TV program isanother strength along with the Scholarship Fundfor media studies.

Outcome of this program in ASCO aimed at providing IAWRT aplatform to demonstrate their contribution towards women empowerment and toenlightening media students about a very sensitive topic of Reproductive andSexual Health rights. 


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