Amity University Madhya Pradesh organizes Workshop on Science Journalism

Amity School of Communication, in association with Madhya Pradesh Science &Technological Council (Bhopal), ‘SPICE’ (Society for Promotion of Innovation Culture and Education) and SMS Institute (Bhopal), organized a one-day workshop for its students in its premises on 30th January 2016. The workshop aimed at imparting knowledge to the young students about the scope and career avenues related to Science Journalism.

The program included informative sessions by some of the renowned names of the field like. Professor Pushpendra Pal Singh (Convener, Makhanlal University of Journalism), the Editor of ‘Samagam’ magazine Mr. Manoj, the renowned journalist Mr. Jayant Tomar. Mr. Saket, Assistant Professor DAVV, Indore and the chief of ‘SPICE’ organization Mr. Sumit Mishra were the Guest of Honors and the Chief Speakers for the event.

The workshop started with the welcome address of Dr. Sumit Narula (Director, Amity School of Communication). Dr. Narula emphasized on the necessity of science in our life and hence, the importance of science in journalism field. Prof. Pushpendra Pal Singh gave a simplified explanation of the concept of Science Journalism. He said that the journalist of the current era lack in scientific bent of mind and it is the need of the hour to work towards its development.

Mr. Tomar in his session enumerated the problems faced by journalists in the present scenario. He said, ‘Science can be related to Journalism in various aspects. We need to create equilibrium between the two in order to attain the maximum output in the field.’

Mr. Manoj in his talk, dealt with the psychological aspect of Science Journalism.He told the students how crucial it is to understand the mentality of the readers and match up to their level of understanding.

The session ended with demonstration of the writing techniques in science journalism and the major problems associated with it. The session proved to be an immensely enlightening opportunity for the students to get a glimpse of the innovative area of journalism.

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