Creativity of budding artists of Amity School of Fine Arts on display during KREATIV’16

KREATIV’16 ,a two day annual event of Amity School of Fine Arts, comprising of Painting and Art Exhibition,Art Camp and Talk Show started today with much zeal and enthusiasm at Amity Campus, Sector-125, Noida.

The Art Exhibition showcased the works of budding artists pursuing Bachelors and Masters in Animation, Painting and Applied Arts from Amity School of Fine Arts.The Artistic display included Digital Paintings disseminating social messages, Advertisery Shoot, Character Age Variations, 3D Models based on Comic Characters, Sculptures, Environment friendly packaging designs, Background Designing and Rhyme and Story Illustration. The students evinced boundless energy, unrestrained joy and exhilaration displaying their masterpieces which were treat to the eyes of the beholders. Everyone seemed to be in a state of trance, absorbing with their souls the creativity on display.

The Art Exhibition was inaugurated by Senior Artist Shri Ved Nayar, Renowned Artists-  Shri Jiten Thukral and Shri Sumit Tagra (popularly known as Tagra & Thukral), Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Group, Ms. Divya Chauhan- Chairperson, Amity School of Fine Arts and Dr.(Mrs.) Balvinder Shukla, Vice Chancellor, Amity University UP.

Addressingthe students, Ms. Divya Chauhan- Chairperson, Amity School of Fine Artssaid that students of Fine Arts are encouraged to explore a repertoire oftechniques and disciplines throughout the year and Kreativ marks theculmination of that year long endeavor by showcasing the best works from acrossthe cross section of artistic and technical experiences. She appreciated theart works of the students and encouraged them to keep putting in hard work tocreate masterpieces.

Senior Artist Shri Ved Nayar applauded the works of the students and wished them luck for their future.

Shri Jiten Thukral and Shri Sumit Tagra (popularly known as Tagra & Thukral)showcased their masterpieces to the students through a power point presentation.

The duo made students play an interesting and interactive Game based on “Good Karmas and Bad Karmas”, trying to make students understand the fundamentals of life with ultimate goal to reach enlightenment. Working on the principles of good and bad karma, traversing the 10 avatars of Vishnu, the players trade in and protect the currency of the game, a tumbler of water, communicating the gravity of water scarcity and the need to conserve natural resources.

Addressing the gathering, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Group said that Art is very powerful; it gives expression to the feelings which cannot be expressed through words. He stressed that Art has the capability of transforming and alleviating the mood of an onlooker. He announced that very soon Amity will launch its own Art Gallery where the students of Amity will get an opportunity to display their works alongside the masterpieces of famous Artists.

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