“Visuals have become cutting edge differentiators in all the Communications” aver Experts during National Conference on “Innovation in Visual Arts” at Amity

Aspart of “KREATIV”- a two day annual event of Amity School of Fine Arts,National Conference on “Innovation in Visual Arts” was held at Amity Campus,Sector-125, Noida.

Mr.Anandamoy Banerjee, Senior Artist, Ms. Esha Guha, Senior Vice President,Concept Communication Ltd., Delhi, Mr. Gigi Scaria, Freelance Artist, Prof. S.NLahiri, Principal, College of Art, Delhi, Ms. Divya Chauhan- Chairperson, AmitySchool of Fine Arts and Amity School of Fashion Technology and Prof.(Dr.)Pradeep Joshi- Director General, Amity Directorate of Applied Arts/FineArts/Performing Arts/Visual Arts inaugurated theConference.

Welcomingthe distinguished gathering, Prof.(Dr.) Pradeep Joshi- Director General,Amity Directorate of Applied Arts/Fine Arts/Performing Arts/Visual Arts saidthat with the advent of technology and specially E-Commerce, the Worldhas become global. He remarked that Art Market globally has been expanding andso is the share and contribution of Indian Art Industry to the global market.He stressed that Indian Artists have been exploring new mediums in order tocome out with something new every time. He remarked that in a customer centricworld, continuous Innovation is the key for excellence.

Addressingthe gathering on the importance of Innovation, Mr. Anandamoy Banerjee,Senior Artist said that free thinking fosters Innovation and it isInnovation which differentiates between a Leader and a Follower. He opined thatwithout Change there is no Innovation and for true Innovation, humaninteractions and conflicts are needed otherwise no new language of Arts couldbe created for future. He stressed that there is a difference between beingqualified and being educated and called upon the students to educate themselvesthrough their qualification.

Expressingher views, Ms. Esha Guha, Senior Vice President, Concept Communication Ltd.,Delhi shared that there have been lot of changes coming into Visual Mediaand in last few years, the definition of Innovation and creativity hasundergone a sea change. She averred that since, human brain remembers visualsfor long, visuals have become the main part of communication and cutting edgedifferentiators in all the communications. She stressed that now- a days, lotof Innovations are technology driven and technology has been foraying intofrontiers hitherto untried frontiers. “With Technology, in transient thoughtscan be changed into real and tangible messages but with umpteen opportunitiescreated by technology, people have been distancing themselves from individualcapabilities, increasing their dependence on technology for translating theirthoughts into communication”, iterated Ms. Guha. She remarked that Technology,at the end of the day is a mere tool and it is an individual who has to use itin a different way to create newness and uniqueness. She called upon thestudents to use their minds creatively along with Technology to set themselvesapart.

Addressingthe gathering, Prof. S.N Lahiri, Principal, College of Art, Delhi stressedthat Art has become an important part of today’s life and an Artist is not justrestricted to Painting but has been dabbling in various visual mediums. Talkingabout Visual Arts, he stressed that Audio- visual has become the most powerfultool for communication since Visual Arts intricately inter-weaves exploration,experience and expression. He stressed that Innovation or Creativity cannot betaught in classrooms; teachers can show the way but students have to travel ontheir own, seeking creativity and Innovation.

Subsequently,two Technical Sessions unfolded – “Socio-Political Impact on innovations inArt Education and Practice” and “Creative Technologies and Interactive ArtPractice” during which Artists, Curators, Academicians and Researchersshared their views including Dr. Nuzhat Kazmi, Head Dept. of Art History andAppreciation, Jamia Millia Isalamia University, Ms. Aruna Mathews, Director,NIV Centre for Arts, Ms. Chetna Verma, Freelance Artist, Shivangi Singh,Curator, FICA and others.

DuringKREATIV, two day Art Exhibition was held wherein the works of buddingartists pursuing Bachelors and Masters in Animation, Painting and Applied Artsfrom Amity School of Fine Arts were showcased. The Artistic displayincluded Digital Paintings disseminating social messages, Advertisery Shoot,Character Age Variations, 3D Models based on Comic Characters, Sculptures,Environment friendly packaging designs, Background Designing and Rhyme andStory Illustration

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