Dr. John Williams- Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA delivers lecture at Amity

Amity in association with Accenture organized an informative and interesting lecture by Dr John Williams- Professor of Information Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT, USA on “Interface of Men with Machines and the growing importance of Machines” at University Campus,Sector-125, Noida.

More than 500 students and faculty members from Amity Universities located in Noida,Gurgaon, Jaipur and Gwalior attended the lecture.

Dr.John Williams was welcomed by Prof. Dr Gurinder Singh- Additional Group Vice Chancellor, Amity and Dr. Ajay Rana-Director, Amity Technical Placement Cell.

Delivering the lecture, Dr. Williams said that men and machines have been sharing symbiotic relationship and machines help men to perform better. He stated that machines have accelerated the pace of production and changed the way businesses are done worldwide. He averred that Machines can learn, see and understand faster and better than human beings and Smart Machines have even been able tounderstand emotions and facial expressions better than humans.

He shared that Robots have increasingly been used in medical arena abroad since they are more precise than human beings and Social Robots have been used to help children in studying and giving companionship to elderly people.

Dr.Williams stressed that it is expected that Computers would be able to simulate every neuron in the human brain by 2025, thereby, irreversibly changing the human lives. He further shared that by 2020, there would be over 212 billion total number of available sensor enabled objects across the world.

Expressing his concern over the downside of growing importance of Machines, Dr. Williams remarked that smart machines have wide implications on employment scenario worldwide specially Service Industries in Developed Countries where smart machines have been increasingly replacing human beings. He shared that machines may have the prowess in certain areas but they lag behind in integration or designing aspects.

Sounding a word of caution, he highlighted that Cyber Wars have been escalating everyday; machines are being used to attack other machines, raising a pertinent issue of concern for developed as well as developing economies. He augured that the next big war fought would be Machines v/s Machines.

Here marked that it’s not the machines but the way they are being used which will determine whether man has created a Monster or a source of Salvation. He stressed that manual labour, to some extent, can be taken over by machines but they cannot replace human element altogether. “Men have to keep re-training themselves in order to keep pace with machines” implored the erudite Professor.

The students posed a volley of questions to the Professor to which he responded very lucidly.

Also present during the occasion were Mr. Ajay Singh- Manager, Recruitment,Accenture and Mr. Sandeep Narula- Recruitment Lead, North and East Zone,Accenture.

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