Amiphoria 2016, the KolkataChapter was an event that was organized by the students of the AmityUniversity, Kolkata. It was a three day annual youth fest, which provided forumto encourage competition and provided an opportunity for students from otherinstitutions and colleges to showcase their intellectual and artistic prowessin an environment of experiential learning as well as opening of venues for sharingmutual experience, skill and talents so that everyone can reach their collectiveand individual aspirations on a common platform.

Pandit  Ajoy Chakrabarti, was the guest of honor hereat Amiphoria, Kolkata Chapter, 2016. He made his presence felt by chantingshlokas from the religious texts. The competitive environment set in finallyafter the lunch break. There was not a dearth of events at Amiphoria. We had‘Folk Unplugged’ which catered to the upliftment of religious folk music,‘Chaturangam’ the chess competition where the competition was the silent war,‘A-Metallix’ the rock band competition that catered to thee heavy music.

Sports was remembered by ‘Ball onGrass’, the football event which was one of the highlights of the fest, sincethe sport as a whole is primarily on of thee most followed throughout theword.  The voicing of opinions came underthe hood of “Amigument”- the debate competition where we saw the perspectivesbeing offered and defended.

The art of rhythmic expressionwas engulfed by the audience in ‘Glodanza’, the dance event was elated by theperformers. The channeling of expressions and the portrayal of the socialdangers or more precisely, a message from the upliftment of the society wasframed in the ‘Nukkad’ natak.

The glam factor of the eveningwas stolen away by ‘Rang Tarang’ which left the audience elated, screaming andasking for more. The intellectualism and innovative deftness was put to thetest in the academic event of Amiphoria- Acadelicious. Every participant putforward their innovations, ideas and opinions all culminating into a wonderful,successful event. Magnificent stories were painted on clay pots in the eventcalled ‘Potchitra’ and in ‘Amitoscope’ participants framed and shot our collegevenues and college liveliness n the best way possible. The fest cascaded intothe third day with the insane bass  dropsand wonderful music in the DJ-War which got the crowd on their feet. Thehighlight of the fest was a guest performance by Raftaar and DJ Knox, who gotthe crowd going insane with their music and rapping. With the fest drawing to aclose, the audience from all the participating colleges excited, wanting moreand with memories that would surely go with them for a long time.  

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