120 French Teachers from India and South Asia undergo “French Teachers’ Training Programme” at Amity

Embassy of France in association with Amity School of Foreign Languages (ASFL) and Centre international d’études pédagogiques (CIEP), France started five day “French Teachers’ Training Programme” at University Campus, Sector-125, Noida.

Over 120 French Teachers from India and South Asia are attending the Training Programme, out of which 30 are Foreign Nationals from countries such as France,Russia, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Senegal and Nepal.

Training will cover a wide gamut of topics including “Enriching the French class with online resources and creating online activities”, “Communicative and action oriented teaching of grammar”, “Creating and Animating the verbal activities in a French class”, “Teaching of French in the School Context”, “Teaching of French in University” amongst others by 8 Trainers from French Universities.

Mr.Bertrand de Hartingh, Director of Institut Français en Inde, French Embassy,Mr. Pierre-Yves Roux, Centre International d’études pédagogiques (CIEP), Dr.(Mrs.) B Shukla- Vice Chancellor, Amity University  and Mr. Inderbir S. Kochar, Officiating Head, Amity School of Foreign Languages (ASFL) inaugurated he Training Programme.

Addressing the gathering and welcoming the distinguished Trainers and Trainees, Mr. Inderbir S. Kochar, Officiating Head, ASFL shared that ASFL offers 7 Foreign languages including French to over 24,000 students in Amity University and French is the most popular language, widely opted by the students. He expressed his conviction that the 5 day Training Programme will be a memorable experience for everyone associated with it.

Dr.(Mrs.) B Shukla- Vice Chancellor, Amity University congratulated ASFL for hosting such a prestigious event. Dwelling on the importance of French language for students, she remarked that during campus interviews, students with knowledge of French language have an edge over their counterparts and get hefty pay packages. She shared that there is lot of Interpretation and Translation work of French language going on in India which means lot of employment opportunities for the students studying French. She wished all the participants joyous and fruitful association with Amity during the Training Programme.

Mr.Bertrand de Hartingh, Director of Institut Français en Inde, French Embassy said that it is very difficult for a teacher to understand that as a teacher,he /she also needs a teacher for knowledge updation. He congratulated all the participants for taking out time and attending the Training Programme. He further shared that according to a Forbes Survey, French would be the most spoken language by 2050 across the world and as per a recent survey amongst 500 CEOs across the world, France is the third most innovative country across the globe after USA and Japan..He urged the participants to give assurance to their students in respective countries that they have made a right choice by opting to study French , which is the language of third most innovative country of the world and it is a key to another life and languages. He expressed his desire to initiate partnership with Amity to promote French language in India.

Sharing her views one of the participants- Ms. Asmah Hyat, a Trainer in Alliance Francaise, Lahore, Pakistan who has been teaching French for over 16 years said that after English, French is most popular language in Pakistan and most of theSchools in Pakistan offer French to the school students. She remarked that there has been steady rise in the number of people aspiring to learn French in Pakistan. Talking about the Training Programme, Ms. Hyat stressed that with the rapid changes in Trends and Technology, it has become imperative for French Teachers and Trainers to keep themselves updated and exchange ideas with other French Teachers located across the globe

Another participant- Ms. Mahjoba Sadat working as French Teacher in Kabul University, Afghanistan shared that it is very important for Trainers to keep attending French Training Programmes especially the ones by French Embassy wherein majority Trainers are from France and are better equipped with the nuances and latest developments in teaching French language.

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