Pilot Plant to be set up in Amity to test and treat waste water generated from Textile and Dyeing Industry

Scarcity of water, Depleting groundwater levels, Drinking water laced with heavy metals, and Droughts, off late, haveemerged as major problems faced by various cities in the country. Providingpotential solution to these problems is revolutionary “Waste Water TreatmentTechnology” developed by Dr. Nupur Bahadur- Assistant Professor, AmityInstitute of Nanotechnology.

An efficient and economical green process fortreatment of effluent as well as sludge of textile & dyeing industry’,this invention relates to treatment process for complete decolorization andphotocatalytic removal of organic pollutants and dyes present in real effluentof textile and dyeing industry.

Therevolutionary technology was transferred today to Dew Specialty Chemicals (P) Ltd and an agreement of Technology Transferwas signed between Dr. B L Arya- Registrar, Amity University and Mr. ShashiKant Thakur - Head Operations, Dew Specialty Chemicals (P) Ltd in the presenceof Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Group and Mr. Subhash Bhardwaj– Director, Dew Specialty Chemicals (P) Ltd

Elaboratingon the Technology which is a result of 15 years of exhaustive R&D, Dr. Nupur Bahadur said thatconventional Textile and Dyeing Industry generates toxic pollutants and sludgeand their disposal in landfills leads to leaching out of chemicals in air and groundwater, causing grave threat to human well being. She stressed that the presentWater Treatment Plants treat one kind of pollution, creating secondarypollution. She remarked that Waste Treatment Industry suffers variousshortcomings such as long electricity cuts forcing the ETP (Effluent TreatmentPlans) to stop their function, inability to completely treat dyes which are noteasily bio-degradable, high cost and lower efficiency of existing Technology. Dr.Nupur Bahadur stressed that Technology developed by her is a result of thefeedback she has received while working closely with the Industry to improvisethe existing technology. She shared that the technology developed is Clean,Green, Sludge free, Highly efficient and Cost effective which will completely revolutionizethe way waste treatment industry has been functioning in India.

Addressingthe gathering, Mr. Shashi Kant Thakur gavea brief introduction about Dew Specialty Chemicals (P) Ltd and its journeysince 1995 as a Chemical Producing Company. Talking about the associationbetween Amity and Dew Specialty Chemicals (P) Ltd, he shared that it’s aprivilege for Dew Chemicals to associate with Amity and the current TechnologyTransfer between the two is a very valid and good opportunity which will leadto sustainable results in the future. He shared that as part of the associationa Pilot Plant for Waste water Treatment will be set up in Amity and gradually,the technology will be implemented at Industrial level. He remarked that it iscollective responsibility to ensure secure, sustainable and environmentfriendly future for the coming generations and Pilot Plant is a humble steptowards the same.

Sharinghis views, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Group stressedthat Amity is a cradle of frugal innovations and Scientists and Researchers ofAmity University have filed over 702 patents and the aim is to commercialize80% of them for the benefit of common man. He affirmed that Amity will verysoon become the biggest contributor of Science and Technology in the world.

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