Amity University signs MoU with Institute of Pesticide Formulation Technology

To initiate Academic Corporationin the areas of mutual interest, Amity University signed a MoU with Instituteof Pesticide Formulation Technology (IPFT) at University Campus, Sector 125,Noida.

The aim of MoU is to fostercollaboration, provide opportunity for global experience and to facilitateadvancement of knowledge for mutual benefits.

The MoU was signed by DrS K Raza, Director, IPFT and Dr. B L Arya, Registrar, Amity University UttarPradesh in the presence of Dr. Pinky Bhandari, Head- Bio Science Division,IPFT; DrMahesh Saini, Scientist, IPFT; Dr. W Selvamurthy, President, Amity ScienceTechnology and Innovation Foundation (ASTIF); Dr. Sunil Saran, Senior ViceChairman, ASTIFand Senior Officials of Amity.

Welcoming the gathering, Dr. WSelvamurthy said that the MoU will enable both the Institutions to exchangeinformation on research and educational programmes including teaching andlearning material along with other relevant literature. He further added thatunder the MoU, the institutions can jointly organize short-term continuingprograms, Seminars, Conferences and Workshops encouraging collaboration betweenfaculty members and Scientists from two Institutions. Dr Selvamurthy expressedhis hope for both the Institutions to have long term mutually benefitingassociation.

Briefing about accomplishments ofInstitute of Pesticide Formulation Technology, Dr S K Raza said thatover the years, IPFT has been working towards the development of safer,efficient and environment friendly pesticide formulations. He apprised thatusage of pesticide is not much encouraged in India fearing its harmful effectsbut pesticides are like the medicines to plants which should be usedjudiciously and carefully. Unfortunately, the Indian farmers are not muchscientifically ware about the proper usage of pesticides. He also stated aboutthe technological advancement and development of eco friendly pesticides byScientists and Researchers of IPFT. Dr. Raza averred that the associationbetween two institutions will be beneficial for the society as the Institutionshave similar vision in developing frugal innovations for societal development.

The MoU will also provide aplatform for the exchange of Faculty Members, Scientists, Research Scholars andStudents for research or Training Programs on topics of mutual interest. 

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