Amity School of Business won Management Trophy at Bhartesh College of Business Administration, Karnataka

Amity School of Business, NOIDA won a Management Trophy for their overall performance at Bhartesh College of Business Administration during annual Management Festival “Saraansh”. This event was held at Belgaum, Karnataka from 5th to 7th October 2007. This was the first time that a team from ASB went to Belgaum.

The students were grilled from senior consultants of Accenture, Bangalore; Biplav Beriwal of Broad Vision; other academia and industry personnel. After a lot of grilling our students won the best manager event, HR event and marketing event. The team won the Overall trophy and a cash prize of Rs. 20,000.

Each team had 9 members. Mr. Karan Singhal (a student of 3rd year) was the captain of Amity team. The events were in – Best manager, Business Quiz, Finance (Stocks), Marketing, Human Resources. The 9 members of Amity team were – Uday Shroff (Best Manager), Hans Hari Khari & Shashank Sharma (Quiz), Kanik Agarwal & Manali Rajwani (Finance), Karan Singhal & Tushar Sharma (Marketing), Antra Agarwal & Aayush Agarwal (HR Management). Prof. Navin Kumar Srivastava, Sr. Lecturer in HR & Law accompanied the team.

According to Prof. Alka Munjal, Director Amity School of Business, the key is continued learning. This has been an incredible season for ASB. We won at Christ, MCC, IBA. The biggest of all was the zonal finalists at BT-ACUMEN. The beauty is that at ASB we always send in different students as team-members. Our students have been participating in such management Festivals since 2003, the level of seriousness and richness of content is very high in the colleges in the south. Every time students surpass our expectations they win against UG and PG teams of management. In the process they develop immense confidence in themselves and in management as a subject. All students of ASB love to get selected and go for such events where their knowledge and passion is tested. It is not a 3 day event but years of practise and hardwork that translates into such awards. On 13, 14 Sept our team won at Christ; on 28, 29, 30 August our team was at Mount Carmel, Bangalore where they won the HR game and the Finance game. Again on 2nd September a team of 10 students won the overall trophy, the Business plan and the Blue Ocean Strategy at IBA, Greater Noida; their nearest competitor was IMT, Ghaziabad, we then won the overall trophy at Christ College, Bangalore against 22 teams. Our students were also second in the Inter-Amity Biz-Quiz organized at Sector 125 against 11 teams. We were the Northern zone finalists at BT-Acumen on 6th October.

The joy of winning and learning together is immense; the pride I feel for all my students and the institute is phenomenal. All this is possible only due to our dynamic Chancellor and President, Mr. Atul Chauhan, who has always encouraged our students and motivated them to excel.

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