Shri Manish Sisodia- Dy Chief Minister, NCT of Delhi interacts with Amity students during Orientation

“Nation and Government need to be forward looking” stresses Shri Manish Sisodia-Dy Chief Minister, NCT of Delhi while interacting with Amity students

Shri Manish Sisodia- Dy Chief Minister, NCT of Delhi visited Amity University, Sector 125 Noida Campus today and interacted with new entrants and students of Amity School of Communications

Hon’ble Minister was welcomed by Col. R.K. Dargan- Advisor,Amity School of Communication (ASCO)

Welcoming the distinguished guest and students, Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Group thanked Shri Manish Sisodia for taking out time from his busy schedule  for interacting with the young students who will lay a foundation of strong and glorious India in near future. He stressed that Journalism is a vibrant profession and gives a lot of power and responsibility to a Journalist. He called upon the budding Journalists of Amity to be ethicaland righteous in their approach towards the profession, thereby contributing to the society.

Addressing the future Journalists of the country, Shri Manish Sisodia- Dy ChiefMinister, NCT of Delhi said that Journalism Profession is going through a challenging times where journalists are being accused for taking sides. He called upon the students to be righteous in their conduct and speak truth while doing stories, rather than trying to balance stories which takes them away from truth. He remarked that it is upon an individual Journalist to decide whether he wants to do “Compromised Journalism” or “Truthful Journalism”.

He stressed that a Journalist needs to have courage and intelligence to bring out the facts and most importantly, a moral responsibility, love, sense of belongingness and affection for the people in the society. “Patriotism is not about loving the map of the country but the people living in the country. The real achievement for a Journalist is to be able to bring about a change, no matter however small, into the lives of the people through their stories andnot to create sensationalism or make headlines. Awards and headlines are transient; what matters for a Journalist is the inner satisfaction of being able to impact the lives of people”, asserted the Hon’ble Minister

He remarked that today’s society is backward looking; the new ideas to be implemented by Government take so much of time because the Nation is not forward looking. He asserted that Journalism has to become critical and forwardlooking to be able to bring about a transformation and Journalists have to think unconventional and contribute towards the development of the society and human beings.

Shri Manish Sisodia- Dy Chief Minister, NCT of Delhi was taken around the Campus and shown the magnificent infrastructure including the studio of Amity School of Communication and Central Library.

Students of Amity posed numerous questions to the distinguished speaker who answered all of them with much eloquence.

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