Amity School Of Fashion Technology organizes seminar on “Industry Expectations from Young Fashion Professional"

A galaxy of industry speakers from reputed retail stores, export houses &design companies visited at Amity Campus, Sector 125, Noida to address the new batch of Undergraduate students on the topic of “Industry Expectations from Young Fashion Professional.”

The speakers included Mr. Sanjeev Kingar, Customer Care Associate & Area Controller,  Shoppers’ Stop; Ms. Charneeta Kaur, Head-Design & Visual Communication, De & Di- Integrated Marketing Agency, Mr. Dheeraj Jha,  Mr. Dibyanshu Tripathi and  Ms. Ridhi Arora, Fashion Designer

Welcoming the guests, Dr. Pradeep Joshi, Director General, Amity School of Fashion Technology said that there is a reason why students have opt for the courses they have chosen, hence, it is necessary for them to be aware about the working of the industry in detail.

Sharing his views, Mr. Sanjeev Kingar said that it is important to aware fresher students with industry expectations at the beginning itself as it clarifies them on the opportunities available and what field they can opt for. He mentioned that every individual expects good job and salary prospects from the company but a good career growth depends on the skills and performance of the individual. He apprised that a company looks for an employee who is passionate for work, risk taking, self driven with clear organizational thinking and good learner. Mr. Kingar stressed that there are many who wants to earn before learn which makes it difficult for them to grow in their career. He advised the budding professionals to explore the industry in the initial 5 years of their career rather than just thinking about moneymaking as it will help them in formulating their career growth systematically.

Briefing about Fashion Industry, Ms. Charneeta Kaur said that Fashion is a full fledged and competitive industry which has come long way since its inception. She mentioned that the growing competitiveness, the industry cannot be just called as glamorous but it has become ruthless with place for only hard working people. She emphasized that as we are surrounded by technology, the attention span of an individual has shorten to 8 seconds. To grab the attention of the customers, the brand strategies different ideas. Ms. Kaur pointed out that Engagement and Experiential Marketing are most important terms for branding as it focuses on doing activities which involve the customer and creates an impact in the minds of individuals. She averred that technology has turned the Fashion industry upside down; it has changed the entire landscape of the industry and will continue to do so in coming years as well.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Dibyanshu Tripathi advised the students to have a motto of thinking differently rather than thinking big. He opined that a person should identify of his/her potential and purpose of life, only then one can achieve success. Mr. Tripathi mentioned the three core pillars of his life which are Passion, Skill and Opportunity. 

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