Seminar on “Industry Expectations from Young Fine Arts Professionals” by Amity School of Fine Arts

AmitySchool of Fine Arts (ASFA) organised a Seminar on“Industry Expectations from Young Fine Arts Professionals” at Amity UniversityCampus, Sector-125, Noida forthe students of Bachelors and MastersProgrammes in this new session.

Duringthe Seminar, Mr. Rajeev Prakash Khare - Art Director, Delhi Press , Ms.Shruti Mishra – General Manager, Flag Communication , Ms Lubna Sen - Curator& Art Entrepreneur , Mr. Veer Munshi - Eminent Artist , Ms. Padmaja Singh -Creative Director, Pathfinders and  Mr. Shajan C Kumar – Editor in Chief& Creative Director, Wirenews, Brand in News & Styling India addressedthe students.

Addressingthe gathering, Dr. Pradeep Joshi- Director General, Amity Directorate of Applied Arts,Fine Arts and Visual Arts briefedthem with the various programmes running in the Institute and the newprogrammes introduced from current academic year including Ph.D in Fine Artsand Visual Communication. Talking about the Seminar, Dr. Joshi said that everyyear such Seminars are organised in the beginning of the session to provide newstudents an opportunity to interact with the experts in the field and know fromthem the challenges and opportunities existing in the industry so that they canbrace them for the industry.

Mr. Veer Munshi - EminentArtist, while addressing the students, said that Art is a social and aestheticresponsibility and every artist can contribute to it and make a difference inthe society though his paintings. He advised students to think freely,creatively and out of box, without relying on Internet and copying the works ofothers. He told students that there is lot of competition in the market but atthe same time, there are opportunities present which provide scope to thestudents to become what they aspire to.

Ms Lubna Sen - Curator& Art Entrepreneur briefedstudents about the her initiative- “Prarambh” which is the first ArtworkFestival for students in India and how they can get their works featured in thesame. She called upon students to hone their skills in basic drawing and paintingand then move forward. She stressed that Skill and Technique are very importantin an artwork and even a novice can understand and appreciate the skills andtechniques in artworks. She called upon the students to be aware of the worldaround rather than shutting themselves in cocoons. She motivated them to beprofessional, push their boundaries and be their authentic self in order tocreate masterpieces.

Sharing her views, Ms. Shruti Mishra – General Manager, Flag Communication saidthat organizations choose best out of rest and its on students to be best orrest. She remarked that if students choose to be best, there are people eagerlywaiting in the industry for young and creative minds. Motivating the students,she said that creativity is subjective and what is best for one person, may beaverage for others. She encouraged them to be happy from within in order to putacross their thoughts in a creative manner and be passionate about whateverthey do.

Ms. Padmaja Singh -Creative Director, Pathfinders shared that creating Art is a passion, something that people have to doto express them but Art is also a serious industry one can get into with theright attitude and mindset. She stressed that possibilities are there and it ison an aspirant to create abilities in him to reach the level of successfulpeople. She called upon the students to empathize with clients, their needs andimagine using their eyes. She advised them to take up leadership roles and becheerful to do more in less time since people are remembered for taking up moreroles and responsibilities.

The Seminar was attended by over 150 students who raised a volley ofquestions to the experts

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