Amity University Rajasthan organised Guest lecture on "Big Data Science : Applications from Real World"

In this talk, Dr. Aanand shared his experience of his ongoing research using big data wherein novel methods and algorithms are used in the field of Telecom and Higher Education. This talk began with uncovering the mental switch necessary to start working on Big Data. It will primarily dwell upon problem conceptualization, research design and data transformation from business perspective rather than the nitty gritties of mathematics or the IT tools involved. It gave the participants a low down on HOW to approach a Big Data problem. In telecom he talked about long tail distributed transaction log of air time transfer using innovative feature creations to influence air time transfer behavior. It will cover creation of several hundred features from merely ten variables in the transaction log. It demonstrates dynamic segmentation on a non stationary time stamped transaction log. In higher education, he spoke about using the stakeholder feedback to dramatically transform the University effectiveness and efficiency leading to much higher positive perception, higher international ranking and enhanced learning experience. It uses a novel method of two way feedback mechanism to distribute risk of incorrect feedback of different stake holders to improve quality of feedback besides amalgamating Public data from FaceBook, Twitter and Blogs.

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