Industry Lecture session on Managing Business in Emerging Markets – China by Mr. V.K. Mishra, ICTC

Amity InternationalBusiness School regularly invite Industry Experts to give insights on thebusiness and market environment to the students which will not only help themacademically but will also make them industry ready. During one such session,Mr. V.K. Mishra, Executive Vice Chairman – India China Trade Centre (ICTC) wasinvited to give lecture on topic Managing Business in Emerging Markets – China

Mr. Mishra whiledeciphering the success of China said that the key is China hires right peoplefor right job. To understand business culture of China, one must know the prevailingsystem of hierarchies and relationship of Government, state & society. Keygovernment leaders keep visiting companies which are further linked withincentives. Government Policies have created heterogeneous set of distinctmarkets. Every city near ports has been designed as Specialized City, forexample Suzhou city caters only for Small industries. Foshan City in Guagdongprovides only urbanization solutions.

Explaining the ways forentering China Market, Mr. Mishra said that it is very difficult to competewith local companies. Setting business in China is dependent on factors likeChinese language, proximity to Chinese consumers, familiar business culture andknow how of National & International Trade Chambers. He added that firmsmay opt to open representative office only or license their technology or toenter a joint venture with local partner.

Ms. Alka Maurya,Faculty of Marketing, students and Senior Officials of Amity InternationalBusiness School were present during the lecture session. 

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