Special Lecture session on Branding & its Elements by Mr. Karni Singh Jhala, Viacom 18

Amity InternationalBusiness School regularly conducts special lecture sessions inviting industryexperts to give their insights on subjects and topics as per the curriculum. Mr.Karni Singh Jhala, Account Director, Viacom 18 was invited on to presentlecture on the topic “Branding & its Elements”

Explaining the conceptof marketing and brand to students, Mr. Jhala said that brand is part of everyone’s life and it evolves even before we were born. Hospital where we were bornis the brand and we are attached to that brand. Brands are always amongst us.The toys, clothes, services, school, colleges everything are brands. Mr. Jhalafurther elaborated that brand is build over time and it is a conscious andcontinuous effort to maintain the brand reputation and recognition. Disney is abrand which has recognition of cartoons for kids, but they also make Spidermanor Avenger series. To differentiate between two different genres, they createdanother brand Marvel so that Disney image as such does not differ.

Mr. Jhala maintainedthat brand building is depended on how strong it is marketed. Giving example ofPatanjal Dant Kanti, he said that despite of new entrant in a very competitivetoothpaste market, Dant Kanti product has not only reached to masses but alsodented the market share of biggies like Colgate, Closeup and Pepsodent. Goodproduct, focused network and word of mouth publicity have put Dant Kanti aheadof their competitors.

He said that Marketingis a Science and Art. If advertisement, Promotion, Publicity, Public Relationsare put on purpose; it is marketing which results into sales.

Dr. Kokil Jain,Professor of Marketing and Program Leader of MBA IB, students and SeniorOfficials of Amity International Business School were present during thelecture session. 

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