World Physiotherapy Week concludes at Amity

“Physiotherapy can help in reducing surgeries in India”, aver experts on World Physiotherapy Day celebrations at Amity

Amity Institute of Physiotherapy (AIP) celebrated World Physiotherapy Week which concluded today with a “Specialized Physiotherapy Camp” for the students, faculty members and staff of Amity University.

During the Camp, more than 100 students, faculty members and staff were assessed and given treatment for Neck and Lower Back Pain by Dr. Pragya Kumar, MPT, Ph.D (Ortho) and Dr. Shipra Bhatia, MPT (Ortho)

Dr. Mayank Shukla- Coordinator, Amity Institute of Physiotherapy (AIP) shared that every year, the students and faculty members of AIP organize World Physiotherapy Day and this year, they organised World Physiotherapy Week to celebrate the momentous contribution of Physiotherapists in healthcare profession. He outlined that during the week various informative and interesting events were organised such as Debate Competition on whether“Physiotherapy is an independent Profession or not”, Lecture on Rehabilitation of cancer patients, Camp on Sports Injuries and Sports Physiotherapy and others. He stressed that the week long events apprised students with the latest trends and upcoming areas in Physiotherapy.

Prof. (Dr.) Umashankar Mohanty- President, Indian Association of Physiotherapists congratulated the Institution for celebrating World Physiotherapy Week. Sharing his thoughts on the importance of the profession of Physiotherapy, Prof. (Dr.) Umashankar Mohanty said that according to WHO, out of 57 million deaths in the world, 37 million are due to non- communicable diseases wherein Physiotherapists could contribute a lot especially in the prevention side. He stated that the athletes owe a part of their successful performance during Olympics and Paralympics to the Physiotherapists who help them in keeping themselves agile and flexible in every situation. He remarked that there are over 7 lakhs Physiotherapists in the world and every physiotherapist has a massive responsibility to discharge his role and responsibility to his best while representing the physiotherapists’ fraternity.Outlining ways to professional mastery, he called upon the budding physiotherapists to make excellence a habit, spend time judiciously, plan their day effectively by setting out their goals early in the morning and to convert every crisis into opportunity. He remarked that Physiotherapists add value to life and life to values. He called upon the budding physiotherapists to grow inside out as a physiotherapist, imbibing the virtues  associated with  the Physiotherapy profession and avowed them to make themselves the best in their profession.

Students also shared their view during the occasion.

A student- Shreya commented that in India, a Physiotherapist is not a first referral in any case; first a patient goes to a Physician or an Orthopedics who in turn, sometimes, refer the patient to a Physiotherapist. She stressed that most of the Physicians and Orthopedics are not aware of the role of Physiotherapist in India and if this gap is bridged then most probably,there will be lesser surgeries and loss of lives.


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