Dr. Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity inaugurates Scientific Symposium on “Advanced Nanomaterials for Energy” at National Physical Laboratory, Delhi

TheRoyal Society of Chemistry and CSIR-National Physical Laboratoryorganized a Scientific Symposium on “Advanced Nanomaterials for Energy” atNational Physical Laboratory, Delhi, inaugurated by the Chief Guest Dr.Ashok K Chauhan- Founder President, Amity Group, Dr. D K Aswal- Director,National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi,Professor Neil Champness-University of Nottingham, United Kingdom and Dr. R.K Kotnala, National PhysicalLaboratory, India

The Symposium aimed to highlight thedevelopment of new nanomaterials for renewable energy applicationsand explore research collaborations between the UK and India.

Dr.D K Aswal- Director, National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi, in his welcome address and opening remarks,talked about the exciting advances in chemistry particularly molecular machinewhich was awarded Nobel Prize last week. He emphasized on inter disciplinary research where the Chemist,Physicist and Biologist explored different dimensions in an integrated mannerleading to the development of molecular machine.

FounderPresident, Amity- Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan, Chief Guest in his inaugural address highlighted the needfor both basic and applied research leading to innovation.  He mentioned that Indian intellect and dexterityof Indian scientists will transform India into a cradle of innovation in thecoming years.  He stressed with convictionthat an Indian is a combination of researcher and entrepreneur and this rare combinationis winning factor for him in global arena.

Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan also visited the ApexMetrological Laboratory recently constructed at NPL and also, various othersections which included calibration facilities, standard setting for biomedicaland other instrumentation including nano materials. He shared that more than 100scientists and researchers from Amity are participating in the Symposium whichwill benefit them immensely

Dr.R.K. Kotnala -DistinguishedChief Scientist of NPL, talked about his research and innovation related toHydro Electric Energy generation using magnesium ferrate, zinc oxide and usingnano porous material which splits water into hydrogen and oxygen.

Dr.Neil Champness, University of Nottingham gave an elaborate presentation on self-assembly ofmolecules, structural biology and synthetic chemistry working together canproduce exciting result in fundamental understanding of molecular interaction includinghydrogen bonds.

During the day, Specialized lectures weredelivered by subject experts and Researchers such as “Application of Nano- Materials for renewable energy: IndianPerspective” by Dr. S R Dhakate-National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi; “Stabilised Metal Nano-particles in Tailor made Carbon Nanoreactors asTuneable Heterogeneous Catalysts for continuous flow processing” by Dr. Thomas Chamberlain, University of LeedsUK; “Nanophosphors for efficientenergy” by Dr. D Haranath- NationalPhysical Laboratory, New Delhi; “Newapproaches to molecular Metal Oxide Photoactivation” by Dr. Graham Newton, University of Nottingham,“Some Exotic Properties of the GaN NanowalNetwork” by Dr. S M Shivaprasad-Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research , Bangalore and “How to publish in high impact journals”by Dr. Deeksha Gupta- Royal Society ofChemistry.

A special session was conducted by the RoyalSociety of Chemistry on how to publish research papers in high impact journalsfor students and early career researchers. A poster exhibition was also heldduring the day in which many students from Amity presented their posters.

Also present during the occasion were Scientistsand Researchers from Amity including Dr. W Selvamurthy- President, Amity ScienceTechnology and Innovation Foundation and Director General - Amity Directorateof Science & Innovation; Dr. R P Singh- Advisor, Amity Institute ofNanotechnology, Dr. Lalit Bhardwaj- Director, Amity Institute of Nanotechnologyalong with the students and faculty members.

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