Amity International School to represent India at World Robot Olympiad

Amity International School is selected to represent India at World Robot Olympiad to be held in November at Taiwan.

Sixty teams competed in the recently-held Indian Robotic Olympiad in the capital, which saw participation from 180 schools, a big leap from last year's figure of 18 schools in a competition that required contestants to build and program robots from a specially designed robotics kit.The kit, supplied by 'Lego' comes with a multitude of parts and a CPU with inbuilt circuiting and students are judged by their ability to assemble and programme the robot to do specific tasks like walking from one point to the other on a straight line, navigating obstacles and other sundry chores.

Teams from Dhirubhai Ambani International School in Mumbai, the Amity International School and Vasant Valley School in Delhi and the St. John's High School in Chandigarh, have been selected to represent the India at World Robot Olympiad.

"All activities are challenge-based and you give the child, say of class eight, the task of making a walkie-talkie robot. It is a problem solving as well as a team building activity. The child is forced to think about the task and apply the laws of physics, engineering and computer science in solving the problem and assembling the robot," says Sudhanshu Sharma, Director of Techtronics, India Ltd, adding that it encourages students to learn while building and constructing and brings out their potential and creativity.

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