Law Delegation from USA visits Amity to explore India’s Legal System, Legal Education and to find out opportunities for future collaboration

A High Level Delegation from USA comprising of Academicians, Law Practitioners and Legal Experts from various Institutions visited Amity University to explore India’s legal system, learn first-hand about India’s legal education and to find out opportunities for future collaboration.

The Delegation, which was led by Ms.Katherine (Shelley) Broderick, Dean, University of the District of Columbia,David A. Clarke School of Law, USA, comprised of seven members- Mr. Raymond Covington- handles cases in Abuse and Neglect and Special Education Law Clinics, University of the District of Columbia School of Law; Ms. Amelia Covington- Magistrate, Virginia’s Judicial System; Mr. Wayne Turner- Senior Staff Attorney ,National Health Law Program (NHeLP), Ms. Therese Ebarb- ElderLaw Attorney; Mr. Jose Campos- Attorney, Maryland and others.

The Delegation was welcomed by Dr. Dilip Kumar Bandyopadyay- Acting Chairman, Amity Law Schools, Dr.  Aditya Tomer- Addl.Director / HOI , Amity Law School, Centre – II and Dr. Shefali Raizada- Deputy Director, Amity Law School, Noida

Also present during the occasion was Dr. Lalit Bhasin, President- The Bar Association of India.

Addressing the gathering, Ms.Katherine (Shelley) Broderick thanked Amity University for hosting the Delegation and shred that the informal exchange of ideas that is characteristic of such meetings enable counterpart professionals to bridge political and cultural differences and gain an understanding of each others perspectives. She shared that such interactions result in collaborative research, cooperative ventures and academic exchanges, as well as lasting friendships.

 Dr. Dilip Kumar Bandyopadyay briefed the members with the functioning of Amity Law Schools, the pedagogy followed and curriculum adopted by them. He informed that according to Bar Council of India, every Law School i n India would have four months of Internship for all its students and stressed that Amity Law Schools focus on Clinical Legal education by organising Moot Courts, Nukkad Nataks, Seminars and Conferences which bring them closer to the functioning of the Courts and Prisons.Dr. Bandyopadyay, on behalf of Amity Law Schools, proposed to initiative mutual collaboration with University of the District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law, USA to facilitate to student and faculty exchanges

Apprising the distinguished members of the delegation with Indian Legal System, Dr. Lalit Bhasin highlighted the Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles of State Policy and Fundamental Duties listed in the Constitution of India and briefed them that the Right to Education and Right to Health, with the virtue of Supreme Court, have been made enforceable in India. He briefed them about the working of National Human Rights Commission and State Human Rights Commission, Judicial Activism and other important pillars of Indian Legal System.

The Delegation members interacted with the faculty members of Amity Law Schools discussing Environmental Laws and other related laws, various Legal programmes offered by Amity especially in the area of Women empowerment,Technology Transfers, System of Criminal Law in India and others.

The Delegation was taken to a classroom in Amity Law School where Ms. Katherine(Shelley) Broderick interacted with the budding Lawyers of India who raised a volley of questions to her including her experience of being a Defense Attorney for so many years, functioning of the legal system in USA and others. She advised students to follow their heart and passion which she stressed, will surely lead to success.

The members of the Delegation were impressed with the vibrancy, knowledge and liveliness of the students of Amity Law Schools.

The Delegation was taken around the Campus and shown the Central Library, state of the art Studios of Amity School of Communication and in-house Radio Station of Amity, which left them completely amazed and enthralled. 

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