Amity university Rajasthan organised Workshop on "Pottery Workshop held during Arch-O-Lunio 2016 (World Architecture day celebration)"

On the 2nd day of Arch-O-Lunio, a pottery workshop washeld for the students. Organized by Amity school of architecture and planning,the workshop was conducted by a pottery expert Mr. Madanlal Kumhar. Students from various other institutions who wereattending Arch-O-Lunio also participated in the workshop.

The students were first briefed regarding the basics ofpottery and the art of working with clay. Right from preparation of river-bedclay to shaping it on the  wheel, students were given an opportunityto work hands-on and acquaint themselves to the material as well as the craft.

Participants were divided into 3batches. Students created their own artifacts on the wheel like lamps, pots andgullaks. This workshop was a success as the students participatedenthusiastically and learned the basics of pottery.

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