Amity School of Fashion Technology organises saree show “Draped Extravaganza”

Amity School of Fashion Technology (ASFT) organised “Draped Extravaganza”, a saree show exhibiting different styles of draping sarees at Amity University Campus.

Students from 3rd year and 2nd year of Amity School of Fashion Technology showcased and modeled different ways of draping a saree- from contemporary to the highly traditional Indian styles.

Dr. Amita Chauhan, Chairperson, Amity International School appreciated the concept of the show very much and encouraged the students for their creative endeavors. Mrs. Anita Kulkarni, Director, Amity School of Fashion Technology welcomed the Chirperon. Mrs. Kulkarni said that the aim behind organising the show was to provide awareness to the students about the National dress - Saree.

The judges for the event were Mrs Divya Chauhan, Chairperson, ASFT,ASFA and Performing Arts, Professor Madhulika Jha, Professor Abha Singh and Professor Kunti Malik. The prizes were given to the students with the best draping styles and presentations.

The first prize was won by Lalita for Mother India, second prize was won by Swati Mahajan for Survival of the Goldfish and the third prize was won by Samiksha for Rural Romance. Everyone appreciated the skit presented by the boys of the department. Vote of thanks was given by Mrs. Divya Chauhan Chairperson, ASFT,ASFA and Performing Arts.

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