7th International Conference – CONFLUENCE 2017 on “Cloud Computing” commences at Amity University

Amity School of Engineering & Technology (ASET) in association with EMC Corporation started 7th International Conference –CONFLUENCE’ 2017 themed on “Cloud Computing, Data Science & Engineering” at Amity University Uttar Pradesh

This high profile two day Technical Conference aims at providing a unique platformf or Industry and Academia for sharing advancements in Research and Development in upcoming areas of Cloud System and Big Data Engineering.

More than 500 participants have participated in the Confluence including 40 International Delegates, 39 Scientists and Researchers from 20 countries including USA, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, New Zealand, Netherlands,Scotland, Philippines, Singapore, Russia, Malaysia, South Africa, Ireland,Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Sweden, Greece, UAE and many more.

There had been overwhelming response and Confluence – 2017 have received 539 research papers from more than 30 countries.

Eminent personalities including Dr. Ajith Abraham, Director, Machine Intelligence Research Lab, USA;            Prof. (Dr.)Jan van den Berg, Professor Cyber Security (TU Delft and LU), Scientific Director Cyber Security Academy The Hague, Netherlands; Prof. (Dr.) Simeon Simoff, Dean, University of Western Sydney , Australia and Prof.(Dr.) Haim Levkowitz, Chair, Computer Science Department, Umass Lowell were present during the inaugural session.

Welcoming the guests, Dr. (Prof.) Balvinder Shukla, Vice Chancellor, Amity University Uttar Pradesh said that the objective of the conference is to familiarize the students about trends and development in technology and industry. She mentioned that data is important but the decisions in any organization depends on analyzes of data. Prof Shukla emphasized that with analysis and storage as the two important challenges for every organization. There is a rise to the trend of hiring skilled data analysts, data engineers and above all data scientists. She encouraged budding professionals to enhance their knowledge and skills during the conference that will help them in defining their career path.

Addressing the gathering, Prof. (Dr.) Abhay Bansal, Jt.Acting Head, HOD (CSE), ASET, Director   DICET & General Chair, Confluence-2017 said that we all are surrounded by cloud computing and lots of opportunities are there for budding professionals.   He stressed that the industry is growing by leaps and bound and students should route their career path in accordance to the growth and need of the industry.

Sharing his views, Dr. Ajith Abraham said that at present Cloud Computing and Data Science Engineering are the two most important domains that bring lot of knowledge to the industry. He stressed that the world is going through IT revolution, the work which was not possible a decade ago, is now achievable. He pointed out that presently, we have powerful computers, algorithms which can easily analyze data, visualize massive amount of information and let information flow and all of these bring cutting edge topics for research which will further aid in understanding complex system. Dr. Abraham averred that collaborations are essential for ensuring mutual benefits and progress and key to success.

Briefing about technology revolution, Prof. (Dr.) Jan Van Den Berg said that in 80s, PCs were invented followed by invention of internet connection in 90s which brought the fascinating revolution of information search through browser.Few years later, e-commerce revolutionized the way people shop. He opined that the conference is on the apt theme. Data Science helps in taking better decisions and there are lots of business opportunities which have emerged with the rise of Data Analytics and Data Science. Dr. Berg highlighted the issue of cyber security and said that it is a big challenge that can be resolved now by data-mining techniques which is a critical component in detecting security threats and can help in building better security.

During his address, Prof.(Dr.) Haim Levkowitz advised the budding professionals to develop user friendly technology as in some cases, creating a technology isthe easy part  but designing it in a way which is user friendly is difficult.

During the occasion, a MoU was signed between Amity University and Machine Intelligence Research Lab, USA to explore potential areas of collaboration in the field of cloud computing.

Dr. Ajith Abraham, Director, Machine Intelligence Research Lab, USA was conferred upon Honorary Professorship by Dr. (Prof.) Balvinder Shukla in presence of the gathering.

During two day International Conference, deliberations would be made during sessions and selected 149 research papers would be presented on topics including Cloud and Visualization; Data and Application Security; Data Mining and Open Source Platforms; Data Mining and Open Source Platforms; Algorithms and Computer Networking amongst others.

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