One day Seminar on “Trends in Physiotherapy” organized at Amity Physiotherapy College

Amity Physiotherapy College organised one day Seminar on “Trends in Physiotherapy” at Amity Campus, Yasho Bhawan, Okhla. Dr. Ali Irani, President of Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP) and former Physiotherapist to Indian Cricket Team, Dr. Deepak Kumar, CEC Member of IAP and Director, Capri Institute of Manual Therapy, Dr. Nitesh Bansal, Director, Amity Physiotherapy College inaugurated the seminar by lighting of lamp.

In his key note address on “Role of Physiotherapy in Sports”, Dr. Ali Irani said that the physiotherapy in the past was adhered by General Practioners or Orthopedics but now it is a separate wing. Physiotherapy is today an independent profession. Dr. Irani said that every year 3000 students does physiotherapy course and there are around 18,000 registered physiotherapist in India. There are 160 physiotherapy colleges in India which offers undergraduate courses, 80 colleges offers post graduate and 5 colleges offers research Phd in physiotherapy. Dr. Ali said that the scope of physiotherapy has increased manifold and is now used in the paediatrics, orthopaedics, cardiology, manual therapy, sports medicine, neurology, chest medicine, geriatrics. The services of physiotherapist is also used in disaster management, rural rehabilitation.

Dr. Deepak Kumar, CEC Member of IAP and Director, Capri Institute of Manual Therapy said that it is irony that a person do so much work, effort for his work, family, friends but he has no time to devote 2 hours of exercise rather he will swallow 50 p. pain reliving tablet to decrease the pain. In physiotherapy we need a system where a patient comes and physiotherapist treats him with confidence in very less time. Physiotherapy is becoming time consuming technique where patients need to come for sitting many times. This is the reason why people is going more and more towards acupressure and acupuncture technique as it gives instant relief to patients. Dr. Kumar talked about Mulligan’s mobilization concept which gives proven record. This technique should be incorporated by physiotherapist to save time of patients, but care should be taken as it is not used in every case.

Dr. Nitesh Bansal, Director, Amity Physiotherapy College presented momentos to the speakers and presented vote of thanks. On this occasion students, faculty of Amity Physiotherapy College, Amity Nursing College, senior officials of Amity were present.

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