14th Annual National Telecom Seminar ‘TELEFOCUS’ on the theme of ‘The Internet of Things & Its Impact on Society’’ at Amity University

AmityInstitute of Telecom  Engineering and Management (AITEM) and IETE-SubCentre, Amity University, Noida organized 14th Annual National Telecom Seminar‘TELEFOCUS’ on the theme of ‘The Internet of Things & Its Impact onSociety’’ at Amity University Campus, Sector-125, Noida


The Seminarwas inaugurated by Mr. R S Sharma, Chairman, Telecom Regulatory Authority ofIndia; Mr. Paolo Colella, CEO & MD, Ericsson India, Mr. Akhil Gupta, ViceChairman, Bharti Enterprises  & Chairman ,Bharti Infratel Ltd andLt Gen P D Bhargava- Group Deputy Vice Chancellor, Amity Universities andAdvisor, AITEM


Addressing thegathering, Mr. R S Sharma said that Indian Telecom Industry hasscaled up fast over the years and is known for its successful entrepreneurshipby providing great public service. He mentioned that as new technologyunravels, Indian entrepreneurship and innovative spirit will enable the countryto be at forefront. He shared that although, India has created technologies ata scale in various industries but in general, it has been slow in putting thetechnology to its proper use. He stressed that the technology can transform thegovernance but India, as a nation, have been slow in adopting paperlessgovernance.


Briefing aboutthe technology related issues faced in India, Mr Sharma said that when it comesto new technology, there are vendors who sell the technology in a way to makeconsumers dependent upon it. He advised people to be smart enough to use thetechnology and avoid vendor locking. It is important to create inter-operatabletechnology. Outlining other issues, he stressed that issues such as security,roaming and number allotment system also need immediate attention. Lauding theinitiative towards Cashless India, he averred that it is an achievable dream,as wide range of solutions is available for digital transactions.


Sharing hisviews on Internet of Things (IoT), Mr. Paolo Colella said that digitalworld has revolutionized businesses. Worldwide and at present, the most valuedcompanies in market are digital which shows the impact of digital revolution.Mr. Colella averred that India is a mobile native company and a land offormidable IT talent. He stressed that by 2022, there would be 1 billionSmartphone users in India with probably 100 percent internet penetration. Heremarked that soon India will be competing with China in terms of internetusage. He proposed to manage the exponential developments by rethinking thenetworks and infrastructure, creating more sustainable ICT structure and fastpolicy developments by government through release of new spectrum.


Speaking on theoccasion, Mr. Akhil Gupta said that at present, IoT has brought aremarkable change to the world and has been offering endless opportunities. Helaid stress upon three fundamental pillars of IoT in Indian context includingapplication, skill work force and robust network. He apprised that the growingcompetition in telecom industry is good for the consumers since it offers lotof benefits to them. Mr Gupta called upon the regulators and industry doyens tocollaborate for ensuring the growth of financial health of Telecom industry.


Addressing thegathering, Lt Gen P D Bhargava said “with increase in coverage,connectivity, availability of smart devices, advancement of better technology,information exchange and need for protected life, India is on the brink ofthird industrial revolution.” He mentioned that India has witnessed IoT in formof smart technologies and it is expected to see IoT in every part of India byend of decade through various business models and standardization which willpush the growth further.  He apprised that IoT has financial impactand  projected value growth of around 30 billion dollars by 2020 itwillbecome a major factor in global economy as connectivity will become a norm innext few years.


During theinauguration, Amity Telecom Excellence Awards were conferred upon various Telecom companies for their excellent performance in 17 categoriesincluding Top Tower Company of they Year- 2016 to Bharti Infratel; TopManaged Service Company of the Year- 2016 to Ericsson India Ltd.; TopInfrastructure Innovator of the Year- 2016 to Indus Tower; Top DomesticE-Commerce Company of the Year- 2016 to PayTm; Top Network R & DLeader of the Year 2016 to Nokia Network Ltd and Top Emerging Indianhandsets Manufacturer of the Year 2016 to Lava International Ltd amongstothers


The inaugurationwas followed by a Panel Discussion on the theme of “TELEFOCUS 2017”wherein Eminent Telecom leaders including Mr., Sanjay Malik, CountryHead,  Nokia Networks Ltd, Mr. Sanjeev Nikore, President, StrategicInitiative, Tech Mahindra, Mr. Sushil Kumar, DDG (IoT), TEC, Mr. Ajay RanjanMishra, Director- Technology, Ericson India, Mr. Sandeep Gupta, Sr. VP Strategy, Architectures & Engineering , Bharti Airtel, Mr. Vikas Sehgal, Head SalePublic-Sterlite Technologies and Mr. Sameer Rawal, Head Enterprises BusinessHuawei shared their views.

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