Students of Amity trained for Self Defense during one Day National Conference on “Sports & Physical Education: A medium for Skill Development and Women Empowerment”

Todiscuss upon the challenges in Sports and Physical Education and build a futuremap for development of society, Amity School of Physical Education & SportSciences (ASPESS) organized one Day National Conference on “Sports &Physical Education: A medium for Skill Development and Women Empowerment” atAmity University Noida Campus.

Theconference intend to bring together all the key stakeholders- Academicians,Industry and Sports Professionals to share their valuable insights andexperience to promote skill development and women empowerment in sports.

Theconference was inaugurated by Dr. Rachna Govil, Executive Director, SportsAuthority of India; Dr. Gurdeep Singh, Jt. Secretary, Association of IndianUniversities, New Delhi; Dr. Sandhya Kumari, Dy. Director Academics, NationalInstitute of Open Schooling  and Mr Sujit Panigrahi, Founder and CEO,Fitness 365.

Welcomingthe august gathering, Dr. (Prof.) Balvinder Shukla, Vice Chancellor, AmityUniversity Uttar Pradesh said that Physical Education and Sports haveundergone a sea change and a significant spurt in encouragement and support todisabled and under privileged members of society, to participate in sports iswitnessed. She stressed that Women Empowerment, Gender Sensitization and GenderEquality have become the underlined areas where Physical Education and Sportshave the potential to make a world of difference. She apprised that educationalinstitutes should promote the holistic development of students, hence, equalimportance should be given to physical and mental fitness as to academicknowledge.

Sharingher views, Dr. Rachna Govil said that every individual has tremendouspotential which needs to be identified. She emphasized that the standard ofsports in India has improved. Initially, qualifying to Olympics or otherInternational Sports platform was sufficient but now, sportspersons aim to winthe medals and bring laurels to nation. Dr. Govil averred that contact sportsare becoming a rage and players from northeast states are proving their mettlein the domain.

Speakingon the occasion, Dr. Gurdeep Singh said that sporting spirit is kindledin an individual even before they are born. He pointed out that sports cultureis required at grassroots level to attain, train and sustain the best of talentin the Nation. Dr. Singh shared that psychological conditions are alsoimportant for a sports person other than just focusing on physical fitness andtechnical training.

Duringthe day, a Self Defense Workshop was organized for the students of AmityUniversity wherein they were trained for basic self defense skills by MrAbhishek and his team from Taekwondo Association, Uttarakhand.

DuringTechnical sessions, deliberations were made on various topics includingSocio-Economic values of Sports – Lead Speaker Dr. Lalit Sharma, AssociateProfessor, IGIPESS; Role of Physical Education and Sports for Nation Building;The Science of Sports – Lead Speaker, Dr. Ikram Hussain, AMU and Significanceof CSR in Development of Physical Education & Sports for Women – LeadSpeaker, Mr. Shashikant Sharma from Rejautsu Serves amongst others

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