“India Rounds of Philip C Jessup International Moot Court Competition” commences at Amity

Amity Law School (Delhi) in Association with Surana &Surana International Attorneys started 58th edition of the IndiaRounds for “Philip C Jessup International Moot Court Competition” at AmityUniversity Campus, Sector-125, Noida

Moot Court isone of the primary modes of clinical legal education which aims to inculcate inlaw students a capacity to think on feet. Jessup International Law MootCourt Competition is the world’s largest and most prestigious moot courtcompetition, with participants from over 550 law schools across 87 countries.Teams qualifying from the India National Rounds will advance to the White &Case International Rounds to be held in April 2017 at Washington D.C.

This year’s mootproblem addresses trans boundary aquifers, basic human rights including therights to food and water and what happens when arguable violations of thoserights generate refugee outflows

Hon’bleJustice (Retd.) B S Chauhan, Chairman, Law Commission of India; Mr. NarinderSingh, Chairman, International Law Commission, Geneva; Ms. Pinky Anand, Sr.Advocate and Additional Solicitor General of India; Dr. Vinod Surana, CEO &Partner, Surana & Surana International Attorneys and NationalAdministrator, Surana & Surana India National Rounds, Philip C JessupInternational Law Moot Court Competition; Prof. (Dr.) Balvinder Shukla, ViceChancellor, Amity University, Uttar Pradesh and Prof. (Dr.) Dilip KumarBandyopadhyay, Chairman, Amity Law Schools graced the inaugural ceremony withtheir presence.

Addressing thegathering, Prof. (Dr.) Dilip Kumar Bandyopadhyay, Chairman, Amity LawSchools appreciated the untiring efforts of students to organize the MootCourt. Talking about the Moot Court, Prof. Bandyopadhyay said that over 60Judges including 11 International Judges will adjudge 32 teams which will havechallenging and academically stimulating time during the Competition. Heoutlined various activities and events which are organized by Amity Law School,Delhi throughout the year which gives hands on experience to the buddinglawyers.

Addressing thegathering, Mr. Narinder Singh, Chairman, International Law Commission,Geneva stressed that the last century has seen tremendous growth inInternational Law, which is no more confined to conventional areas and hasextended to the protection of individuals. He cited numerous developments inHuman Rights and peaceful settlement of International cases.. Elaborating thetopic of the International Moot Court, Mr. Singh remarked that the present MootProblem will address the issues of “Cultural Property”, “Protection ofConservation of Resources”, “Underwater land Rights” and “Human Rights” and the overall experience of International Moot Court will help students tostructure their arguments and balance them in limited time, which is theessence of legal profession.

Addressingbudding lawyers as the future of the Judicial System of the country, Hon’bleJustice (Retd.) B S Chauhan, Chairman, Law Commission of India advised themto have complete knowledge about Law and important aspects of preciousjudgments since Law is ever evolving field and it is important to have a soundfoundation which will take them places in legal profession.

Sharing hisviews, Dr. Vinod Surana, CEO & Partner, Surana & SuranaInternational Attorneys and National Administrator, Surana & Surana IndiaNational Rounds shared his experience being part of the JessupInternational Law Moot Court Competition, representing his country 20 yearsago. He remarked that the aim of the Competition is to develop bonds of friendshipacross borders by bringing top legal brains across the world on a platform fromwhere they can share their experiences with the budding lawyers. Dwelling onthe International Moot Court Competition, he stated that every year, ahypothetical case is drafted in the emerging area of law and the young, buddinglawyers come up with innovative solutions to global problems. He stressed thatthe International Moot Court Competition help in the development and evolutionof International Laws. Motivating the participating students, Dr. Vinod Suranasaid that during the Competition, the participants will learn to appreciate andaccept the contrary viewpoints of their peers and the overall learningexperience will help in their career eventually.

Ms. PinkyAnand, Sr. Advocate and Additional Solicitor General of India, whileaddressing the gathering, stated that India is leading the world interms of economy, values and education. With incessant competition, Indianstudents and professionals are expected to keep learning and exploring theopportunities present for growth in their careers. She stressed that younglegal professionals have now numerous opportunities and avenues such as MootCourt Competitions which help them to gain practical experience even before theystep out of their Institutions. She congratulated the teams for theirparticipation and encouraged them to make the most out of the event. 

Over 32 teamsfrom Law Colleges and Institutes across India have participated in thecompetition including National Law School, Bangalore, Government Law CollegeMumbai, The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences; Rajiv GandhiNational University of Law, Patiala; Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University,Delhi; Symbiosis Law School, Noida; Kerala law Academy, Thiruvanthapuram; Amitylaw School, Delhi (GGSIPU) and others

Theteams will be judged by the sitting judges of the Hon'ble Supreme Court and theDelhi High Court along with eminent Academicians, Practicing Lawyers & JudicialOfficers through various rounds during the three day Moot Competition. 

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