Amity University Madhya Pradesh organizes a Seminar cum workshop on Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights on 28th Jan 2017

A Seminar cum Workshop on “Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights” was organized by Amity University Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior in collaboration with NRDC- Amity Innovation Facilitation Centre on January 28, 2017 at AUMP, Gwalior.

The Workshop commenced with the opening remarks of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Amity University Madhya Pradesh, Lt. Gen. V.K. Sharma AVSM (Retd.). The experts included Dr. Arun Kashyap,  Former Chief Research Manager, IPR , IOC, R & D Centre, Faridabad, Dr. Rajesh Dixit,IPO, New Delhi, Mr. Anupam Trivedi, Patent Attorney, K&S Partners, Gurgaon,Mr. Anil Kumar, Ex Director IPR MSME Govt. of India, Delhi, Mr. Lalit Ambastha,Founder & Patent Attorney, Patent wire Consultants, New Delhi, Dr. Sanjeev K Majumdar, Dy. Manager (NRDC), New Delhi.

In his inaugural address, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Lt. Gen. V.K. Sharma AVSM(Retd.)  traced the history of Intellectual Property Rights and gave a brief illustration of the evolution and development of  IPR around the globe in general and in India in particular. He also elaborated upon the rights of the patentee with special reference to the application of law on the violation of IPR rights.

Dr. Arun Kashyap, Former Chief Research Manager, IPR , IOC, R & D Centre, Faridabad,  through his presentation on “IP needs of Indian Entities ”, explained how Indian Entities will be required to take the license from non- Indian entities, emphasizing on the steps taken by IISC & IITs. He discussed the various issues identified for the IEs and the challenges for IP professionals at IEs. He concluded by explaining how IP watch stations keep a check on infringements.

Dr. Rajesh Dixit, IPO, New Delhi, spoke on “Patenting System in India”. He elaborated upon different IP laws in India, throwing light on the various amendments under taken under Patents Act, until 2005. He stressed upon the need of IPR protection and also informed about the various conventions and treaties.  In addition to this he also gave an overview of the mechanism for filing of the patent application and emphasized on the importance of the date of filing the same. He also informed about Online Copyright Registration i.e. E-filing and the working of the same.

Mr. Anupam Trivedi, Partner, K & S, Partners, Gurgaon, delivered an invited lecture during a session on “Patent ability Analysis and International Patent Filing System & Patent Cooperation Treaty”. He analyzed patent laws with reference to International Treaties and conventions.  He explained that in order to obtain patent for an invention it has to pass triple test of novelty, non-obviousness and usefulness.The same was discussed at length along with the procedure of filing.

Mr. Anil Kumar, Ex Director IPR MSME Govt. of India, Delhi, through his presentation on “Overview of IPR ”, displayed a short movie on IPR pertaining to MSME  which explained IPR as a creation of mind, inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names, images and designs used in commerce. He stressed on the importance of IPR and need for its protection. He told how with the help of creativity, invention, and marketing a concept reaches the stage of patent protection. He explained various types of inventions that can be patched.

Mr. Lalit Ambastha, Founder & Patent Attorney, Patent wire Consultants, New Delhi, during the Technical Session on “Patent & Claim Drafting”, explained how to distinguish between patent able invention and non-patent able invention by exhaustive quiz through an elaborate presentation. He also explained the nittygritty of patent document referring to as a techno-legal document. Over all the presentation covered the procedure required for filing patent application, the content of the application including provisional and complete specification.

Dr. Sanjeev K. Majumdar spoke on “Searching for Patent Information”. He explained how patent searching is very useful for several purposes not only for organizations and universities, but also for researchers. Patents include both technical and legal information. He told that in order to perform good and usful searches, it is essential to understand the structure of Patent information,whatever form it can take as well as where and how to use the available search tools. The procedure for filing application online i.e. e-filing through online portal was also explained.

The technical sessions were followed by an interactive session/ Q&A session,where the invited Guests answered the questions of the audience. This Seminar cum Workshop concluded with the Vote of Thanks proposed by Prof. S.P. Bajpai,Organizing Secretary and Dean Research, Amity University Madhya Pradesh,Gwalior.

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