Management Development Programme on the theme: School Experience Programme – Train to Teach Challenges and Opportunities

Amity Institute of Education (AIE), Saket, New Delhi organised a Management Development Programme on the theme:  School ExperienceProgramme – Train to Teach Challenges and Opportunities on January 24th, 2017.

The teacher trainees had the opportunity to listen todifferent viewpoints of the eminent panelists from the field of TeacherEducation and School Education. The panelists were:

·        Ms. Rupa Chakravarty, Principal, SuncityWorld School, Gurgaon

·        Ms.Nidhi Sirohi, Principal, Sapphire International School, Noida

·         Dr. Jessy Abraham, Professor, Department ofTeachers & Non-Formal Education (IASE) , Jamia Millia Islamia

·        Dr. Mukesh Kumar, Principal, Kalka Instituteof Research and Advance Studies, New Delhi

·         Dr. AlkaMudgal, off. Head, AIE, AUUP

·        Dr. Alka Saxena, Vice Principal, AmityInternational School, Saket


The programme began with thelighting of lamp and the recital of saraswati vandana. Thiswas then followed by welcome from Prof. (Dr) Ranjana Bhatia, Principalcum Director, Amity Institute of Education, Saket, New Delhi.

The programme started with a presentation from Dr. Mukesh Kumar, Principal, Kalka Institute of Research and Advance Studies, NewDelhi. Hemade a comparison betweenthe old teaching practice and the new teaching practice. He further identifiedthe practice as a mechanical process which has changed for good and hadincorporated all the aspects of teaching like delivering lessons, activities,workshops, PTM, maintaining records etc. He mentioned that as the duration ofpractice teaching has increased it is a challenge to convince schools to acceptinterns but this can be settled smoothly if everything is planned beforehand.

The next speaker was Ms. RupaChakrovarty, Principal of Sun City World School Gurgaon. She began her talk withgreat enthusiasm. She talked about the four essential aspects of teaching inher presentation. They were - Vision, Perspective, Curiosity and Introspection. She explained all theseaspects with the help of anecdotesfrom her life and stressed upon the fact that they are very essential forteachers to be incorporated in teaching profession.

The next speaker was D
r. Jessy Abraham, Professor, Department of Teachers & Non-FormalEducation (IASE), Jamia Millia Islamia. Shethrew light on thecurriculum of two years of B.Ed and stated that it was long due to beimplemented and is essential to enhance quality teaching. She firmly said thatthe teacher education should not be blamed for its ills because it is theimplementation that is lacking. She affirmed that there is no clear cut formulafor teaching as the technique has to be modified according to differentstudents. She compared the duration of the teaching practice with InternationalTeacher Training Curriculum by saying that their curriculum has even longerteaching practice duration. Hence,  supportingthe duration of our teaching practice.

 Mrs. Nidhi Sirohi, Principal, Sapphire International School, Noida whileexpressing her views highlighted on the word’Challenges’ in the theme of the programme and urged that we look at the challengesas something that can be solved and not as something that will hinder yourwork. She emphasized the need of creating a conducive environment for teachingrather than only passing on information. She was of the opinion that it is ateacher’s paramount duty to tap the potential of the students to the fullest.

Adding to the views of the earlier speakers,  Dr.Alka Mudgal, off. Head,AIE, AUUP in her presentation felt the need ofunderstanding the guidelines given by NCTE in-depth before implementation. Shegave a brief overview of the policies of NCF of teacher education given by NCTEin 2009 and 2014.

The last speaker for the day was Dr.Alka Saxena, Vice Principal, Amity International School, Saket who sharedher experiences and talked about the challenges faced by a school when  pupil teachers  joins a school for their internship. 

The programme was concluded by, Dr. Ranjana Bhatia who gave a summary ofthe viewpoints of all the speakers.

The panelists were felicitated with a book and a personalized messagefrom Founder President, Dr Ashok K. Chauhan.

The relevance of the topic in the present daycontext was appreciated by all. 

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