Amity University confers Degrees/ Diplomas on its students during “Convocation 2007”

It was the much awaited and most cherished moment for the alumni of Amity University when they were conferred Degrees, Diplomas, Trophies and Medals during the Convocation at Amity University, Sector- 125 Noida.
br> The alumni clad in black robes with different color scarves representing their programs were brimming with enthusiasm and unmistakable blithe. The procession comprising of Senior officials of RBEF and Directors of various institutes of Amity University clad in red robes formalized the stage.

Addressing the august gathering, Maj. Gen. K Jai Singh- Vice Chancellor, Amity University gave a brief overview of programs and scholarships offered under Amity University and appraised them of the achievements and expansion of the University

Congratulating the students in their future endeavors, Dr. Ashok. K. Chauhan - Founder President, Amity Universe said that the convocation will go down in the history as a historical moment to be reckoned forever. Comparing the alumni with the first troop of soldiers in war, he said that just as the first troop of soldiers in any war is very crucial and decisive of the fate of the rest of the soldiers similarly the first batch of students of any University is very important for strengthening the rapport of University with the Corporate world and paving ways for their colleagues. Motivating and inspiring the alumni, Dr. Chauhan said that Amity is fraternity which will soon be unparalleled in the entire world because of its dexterous students and their strong conviction and believe in human values. The students of Amity with their unswerving faith in God and themselves will make India a “Super Power”.

Blessing the alumni at this historic occasion, Mr. Atul Chauhan- Chancellor, Amity University said that with passion, conviction and hard work they will lead the companies in their respective positions. He extended his gratitude to the parents and family of the alumni who had given them proper grooming and “ Sanskars” thereby making them brilliant human beings. It is parents and teachers only who selflessly love them and think of their future. He further remarked that it is a great time for India with opportunities galore for its youth. Amity has vested the adequate power in its students and now it’s their turn to prove their mettle and show the entire world that they are the best.

During the grand convocation ceremony, eighteen institutes of Noida Campus, two institutes of Lucknow Campus and one institute of Manesar Campus conferred PhD, Masters and Bachelors degrees and diplomas in various disciplines including MBA- CRM & Marketing, MBA- Entrepreneurship & Leadership, MBA- HR, MBA- International Business, MBA- Telecommunications, MBA- Insurance, MBA- Biotechnology and MBA- IB Integrated Courses on the students of the year 2005 and 2006.

AUUP is the first to offer M. Tech in Nanotechnology in India and all Amitians were justifiably proud of the first batch of 6 postgraduates who received their Masters degrees.

Dr. Ashok. K. Chauhan - Founder President, Amity Universe; Dr. Amita Chauhan- Chairperson, Amity International Schools; Mr. Atul Chauhan- Chancellor, Amity University; Mr. Aseem Chauhan- Additional President, RBEF and Maj. Gen. K Jai Singh- Vice Chancellor, Amity University facilitated 2500 students of forty three Full Time Courses and twelve Part Time/Distance Learning Courses

During the convocation, trophies were presented to the best performers including Mr. Balan Lakshmi Narayan of MBA (2006- 07); Mr. Inderveer Singh Panesar of BBA (2003- 06); Mr. Varun Mittal of BBA (2002- 05); Ms. Harneet Chawla of MBA- International Business (2004- 06); Mr. Rajat Mittal of MBA- International Business (2003- 05); Ms. Smita Chandra (Lucknow Campus) of MBA (2004- 06) and Ms. Richa Vishnoi of MBA- Telecom (2003- 05).

Around 42 Gold Medals, 44 Silver Medals and 25 Bronze Medals were given t

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