425 delegates from 80 Universities across India and abroad participate in AMIMUN’17

AMIMUN'17- Amity University's sixthModel United Nations International Conference was held from January 20-22, 2017at University Campus, Noida which provided an opportunity for students tobecome familiar with pressing issues of world concern and workings of the UnitedNations Organization.

Taking a cue from the resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assemblyregarding the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals, the theme for AMIMUN’17was “Aspirare ad Inspirare” whichtranslated to Aspire to Inspire.

425delegates from 80 Universities across India and abroad participated in AMIMUN’17. Theglobal exposure of this conference was increased by the participation of Internationalstudents from countries like France, Spain, Afghanistan and Nepal.

Apart from the great diversity of students whoparticipated in this conference, AMIMUN’17 saw highly capable and experiencedExecutive Board members from various parts of India come together to be a partof the conference.

Studentsassumed the roles of diplomats representing various member-states of the UnitedNations and simulated various committees, agencies, specific organs andprograms of the UN systemThrough this process of debate andnegotiations, delegates attempted to resolve regional and internationalproblems in a powerful yet engaging manner.

AMIMUN’17 simulated 7conventional committees - Disarmamentand International Security Committee, International Monetary Fund, UnitedNations Environment Programme, Commissionfor the Status of Women, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, UnitedNations Security Council, and Crisis Committee. These committees kept in tow with thetraditional spirit of MUNs and proved to be a ground for fruitful discourse anddiscussions

The conference was successful in exposing thedelegates to a global perspective with aspirations to inspire nations for coming togetherin peaceful co-existence. It was a unique convention wherein,delegates from all over the world brought together a host of new ideas andopinions with aspirations to become a new generation of strong, confident andcompassionate leaders.

The inauguration of AMIMUN wasgraced by the Chief Guest, His Excellency Mr. Tovar da Silva Nunes, Ambassador of Brazil to India along with Guest of Honors Mr. Thibault Devanlay, Counsellor, Delegation ofthe European Union to India, Mr. Sediqullah Sahar, EducationAttache, Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in India, Dr. Shivani Bhardwaj, CEO, SathiAll For Partnerships .

Prof. Dr. Balvinder Shukla - Vice Chancellor, Amity University expressed her jubilanceat the initiative taken by the students of Amity University and warmly welcomedthe delegates from across the world and the country. She wished the delegatesluck as they embarked upon the journey that was bound to challenge theircreativity and test their skills of multilateral diplomacy.

Mr. Thibault Devanlay, Counsellor,Delegation of the European Union to India, Mr.Sediqullah Sahar, Education Attache, Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistanin India, Dr. Shivani Bhardwaj, CEO, SathiAll For Partnershipsshared their words of wisdom and inspired the youth .

The Opening Ceremony was followedby two committee sessions. The committee sessions were productive and werefundamental to learning about international relations through diplomaticdiscourse and negotiations for delegates.

After 2 long and fruitful days ofextensive deliberations, lobbying, exchange of thoughts and global perspectivesbeing shared, AMIMUN’17 came to an end on 22nd January.

The Closing Ceremony was an eventwhere a multitude of emotions were expressed by the Secretary General, Gurmehak Mannandthe Director General, Pankit Arora which gave everyone a glimpse into thejourney of AMIMUN’17.

The Closing Ceremony was graced by Chief Guest, Mr. Jamal Uddin Ahmed, Counsellor, High Commission of Bangladesh in India and Guest of Honors, Ms. Smriti Singhal, Founder, The EducationTree, Dr. Jyotsna Chatterji, Director, Joint Women’s Programme, Mr. Ike Sinha,Country Director, Unite4:Good, and Mr. Anurag Aggarwal, Founder, India SkillCapital.

AMIMUN’17 was not only aconference, but a platform which was used by various young members of the Internationalcommunity to voice their opinions about their take on the global scenario. Itwas an opportunity given to the leaders of tomorrow which helped them developskills which would benefit the world in the days to come.





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