Amity University Madhya Pradesh organized a “LECTURE SERIES” on 30th January 2017

The first lecture under the ASCO lecture series was conducted on 30 January 2017. The objective of this lecture series is to enhance the knowledge of the students and to encourage them to perform their duties well as journalists in future. The first guest lecture was delivered by Mr. Neeraj Rajput who has 20 years of experience and is associated with ABP News as Senior Special Correspondent and is looking after Defence Beat. During his lecture he elucidated the word ‘Media’ and explained the challenges of TV News Reporting. He mentioned that punctuality and dedication are the most important key aspects of success for a journalist. He explained how Journalism works for the betterment of the Nation and Society. Mr Neeraj also enlightened the students with the fact that sources play a big role in getting information. He further said that there are mainly four beats – National Beat, Business Beat, Entertainment Beat and Sports Beat. He also highlighted the importance of Crime Beat and introduced new Beats like National Security and Strategy Beat. Mr Neeraj also discussed 3Cs (Crime, Cricket & Celebrity)factors which are the essential part of news today. He also shared an example of a man who was harassed by his wife and emphasised how he was helped through Journalism.

During his presentation Mr Neeraj explained the style of Defence and Crime reporting through the clippings of ABP News programmes and shared his vast experience related to the beats. He taught about the PTC, reporting on phone, walk through, differed live, interview, live etc. He also shared his experience on defence reporting and mentioned the challenges of the beat. Further, he answered the questions raisedby the students and appeased their curiosity about the career, future prospects and controversies in TV Journalism.  After the completion of the lecture, Prof. Dr. M.P. Kaushik Pro Vice Chancellor presented a memento to Mr Neeraj Rajput. Dr. Sachin Batra, Dean, ASCO along with Dr Sumit Narula, Director, ASCO thanked him on behalf of ASCO Family. The lecture was very enriching and filled the audience with great enthusiasm. The students actively participated and enjoyed the session.

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