World renowned Management Guru, Master Del Pe delivers lecture on "Transformational Leadership in Modern Age" at Amity

It was a memorable moment for all those at Amity University who had the opportunity to hear impeccable wisdom of Master Del Pe-world renowned Management Guru.

Master Del Pe deliberated on the innards of Transformational Leadership, its importance in modern age and requisites of a leader to bring about transformation in a person .He also shared age old yogic techniques to release pent up stress, anger, resentment and anxiety in order to rejuvenate and re- energise oneself.

He started by congratulating India for having top 4 billionaires of the world. Stressing the importance of human capital for the success of any organization, Master Del Pe citied a survey by World Bank according to which world class organizations grow rapidly because of three factors- physical , technical and human out of which physical aspect contributes 22%, technical 24% and human capital 64%. Human capital plays a very vital role in any organization and contributes maximum to its growth.

Elaborating the concept of transformation, he said that transformation is converting mediocre or lower consciousness into higher consciousness; adversary into an advocate and loser into a winner. It is about ascending quality enhancement. Transformation can be from within (mental and emotional) as well as without (physical).Both types of transformation are important because a person should have active intelligence which can generate good ideas and should be capable enough to execute those ideas (physical transformation). Most people have good ideas but they are not able to translate them into action and that is where leaders differ from transformers. Ideas, conveyed with energy and enthusiasm, have deeper impact on people. Transformers are those people who not only lead but changes the way people think.

Doling out tips to fight escalating attrition rate in the corporate, the speaker said that employees in the organization should be impregnated with the same vision and there should be strong culture and leadership within the organization. If the heart of the employee is inspired the organization can easily retain the talent.

He shared with audience the “Trinity” of transformational leadership where “ Brahma” stands for creative intelligence of a leader ,“ Vishnu” stands for nurture and love aspect of a leader, his ability to lead people with love and “ Mahesh” stands for his ability to execute ideas.

He further stated that for a leader it is very important that people should listen to him which is possible only when people are shown that they are being taken care of. In order to execute ideas and transform people, a leader should have positive image, magnetic energy, charisma, mind and ability to learn.

Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, Master Del Pe said, “Start by being the change you want.” If a leader wants people to follow him, he should set an example for them to follow; people should look up to him in any adverse circumstances. He should be a role model for them.

Expressing his gratitude to Master Del Pe, Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan – Founder President, Amity Universe announced the establishment of “MASTER DEL PE CENTRE FOR TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERSHIP” and proposed Master Del Pe as the “Chair Professor” of the Centre. The Centre will work towards bringing transformation in the lives of the people of India

Master Del Pe is a respected master of wisdom, leadership, martial arts and human energy science. He has been traveling all over the world conveying the magic of Asian wisdom and training top corporate world leaders, politicians and chief of states. He has authored several books including “Inner Powers to Maximize Your Performance”, “From Success to Fulfillment and Hidden Dangers of Meditation and Yoga” and “How to Play with Your Sacred Fires Safely”.

The lecture was well attended by the faculty, students and senior members of Amity.

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