Amity Institute of Biotechnolgy leaves a mark at the IIT Roorkee Cultural extravaganza - Thomso '07

Battling all odds and silencing all critics, the team of participants under the banner of Amity Institute of Biotechnology Undergraduate Youth Council, sent to IIT Roorkee to participate in their annual fest “Thomso ‘07”, which is touted as the biggest and the most famed fest of the whole of North India, proved their mettle. Competing against 106 top colleges of India, Amitians were always a part of the winning frame. The tremendous amounts of talent which was on display in the 600 acres of lush IITR campus was truly worth admiring, there was a feeling of youth blended with a strong desire to win which resulted in a strong enthusiastic environment and the Amitians who were a part of this extravaganza took the challenge like ‘300’ Spartans.

While each and every participant of the 40 odd team members stood out in the events participated, AIBians scrapped quite a few awards, which (being very modest) was the second highest number of awards by any college at the fest, these statistics multiply when compared to the fact that the home team came (obviously) first. Amity participants were from AIB Undergraduate Youth Council

Starting from the first day itself, the openers of the prolific AIBian batting order, sent the competing teams running for their money, each and every department of AIB’s team tasted blood and dashed through all the prelims with utmost ease causing ripples through all the sects of the campus…

Here is the list of the emphatic victors …
Footloose (Choreography) - The group stood 2nd overall amongst 60 colleges.
Scandals (Literary event) – The team of 3 participants stood 2nd amongst 48 colleges.
Wargasm (Rock Band competition) – The band from AIB ‘Forbidden Village’ stood First amongst 30 bands competing and the awards also included the best lead vocalist and the best self composition award
The Big Fight (Debate and panel discussion) – Clearing a very tough preliminary round, the participant from AIB stood second amongst 80 odd participants.
Ms. Thomso – Our participant competed against many beautiful participants and proved herself as the second most talented lady of the event.
Face Painting – Team of two participants won the first prize amongst almost 40 teams.
Pentafore (Mega Literary event) – Two teams were fielded by AIB for this competition comprising of five mega events, both teams cleared the initial rounds with ease, out of which one won the second prize amongst 50 odd teams.
Mr. Thomso – The participant from AIB was personally applauded by the Convener of the event and was awarded with a special prize worth Rs.10000.
Street Play – The team of actors were awarded with the third prize.
Business Plan – The team of two stood third amongst 65 entries, showing remarkable ideation capabilities.
Tattoo Making – The team of two stood first amongst a stiff opposition.
Thomso Idol – We won the Thomso idol contest. Nose writing – Winning gradually became a habit; victory in this competition proves it.

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