Amity University Madhya Pradesh organized “Faculty Development Programme” on 14th June to 20th June 2017

A Faculty Development Programme was organized by Amity University Madhya Pradesh in its campus from 14th June to 20th June 2017.


The seven day Faculty Development Programme commenced on 14th June 2017 with the traditional lighting of the lamp and welcome of the Chief Guest Dr. A. P. Dash,Vice Chancellor, Central University Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur. The Chief Guest along with Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, AUMP Lt Gen V K Sharma, AVSM (Retd.), Prof.(Dr.) M P Kaushik, Pro-Vice Chancellor, AUMP and Prof. (Dr.) S. P. Bajpai, Dean Research, garlanded Maa Saraswati and sought the divine blessings for the success of the event.

In the inaugural session Dr. A P Dash, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Central University of Tamil Nadu, Thiruvarur, gave his speech on Higher Education Governance, its Policies and Sustained Reforms. He spoke about the need for inspired and updated teachers who can shape the thoughts of the young minds. He emphasised that, any improvement in education system must start with the improvement of the teachers already in the classroom. He also said that the Professional Development of Teachers implies their growth in knowledge of the subject, in pedagogy and training techniques, in love for students and for institution, in moral and ethical values and growth of desire to give the best to the world of learning and society. He mentioned that no profession can grow unless its members are prepared to grow professionally and in order to fulfil their professional responsibility in an excellent way, teachers have to be equipped with a mixture of Knowledge, Skills and Values. He pointed out that without a little knowledge of the subjects, a teacher cannot face the students in his class.Subject-knowledge has a very important role to play because high-quality teaching rests on the teachers’ understanding of the subjects they are teaching.  Dr. Dash said that Teachers should be trained enough to use various methods and techniques in teaching-learning. Communication is considered as one of the effective teaching skills. Effective communication includes transforming the boring topics into interesting ones in the class. For communication, proficiency in languages is the most important aspect for transferring knowledge. As the world has advanced technologically, teachers should be skilled to use technology effectively while delivering their lessons. The introduction of technology in education makes learning more interactive, interesting and effective. So, the use of ICT in meaningful ways makes it easy for a teacher to create interesting projects, problem-solving situations and virtual exposures to effective learning conditions. Dr. Dash mentioned that, it is essential that every Teacher should inculcate and exhibit values like Simplicity, Honesty, Punctuality and Friendship, Tolerance and Forgiveness and Community Values like Patriotism,Non-Violence and Sacrifice. He said that in the wake of the recent developments and the new demands that are being placed on the S&T system, it is necessary for us to embark on some major science projects which have relevance to national needs and which will also be relevant for tomorrow's technology. In his speech, Dr. Dash emphasized that the best science and technology institutions should further strengthen their basic research in line with leading global standards. Translating this basic knowledge into innovations,start-ups and industry will help achieve inclusive and sustainable growth.

In the second lecture of the FDP, Prof.(Dr.) S G Deshmukh, Director, ABV IITM, Gwalior, spoke on Imperatives for Quality of Education in Digitized Environment. He focused on the act of a teacher as knowledge disseminator, facilitator to convert this knowledge into practice and as a facilitator for the betterment of society at large. He discussed the digital environment in the education system and utilization of technology- based education at large. Dr. Deshmukh mentioned that Teaching is a process intended for learning by inducing a behavioural change in the taught and it is an art of communicating a message with impact on the audience. He spoke about Bloom’s taxonomy of cognitive learning skills and other methods of open learning system.


Day two of the FDP started with the lecture of Prof. (Dr.) R. K. Kale, Ex. Vice Chancellor, Central University of Gujarat, Chairman, Board of Management, Indira Gandhi University of Women, New Delhi. He discussed the four major sections of higher education, namely – policy, funding, academics and administration. He spoke about the history of higher education. Dr. Kale mentioned that a teacher should teach everything about something and something about everything. He discussed various disparities in higher education worldwide.

In the second lecture of the day Col. S K Jain,Director Ingenium, Gurgaon, demonstrated the Active Learning Management System through an Application based software.He was supported by Mr. Vaibhav Vashisht, Co-founder, Acadly.


The first lecture of the third day, Quality Control:Internal Deliberations was given by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, AUMP Lt Gen V K Sharma, AVSM (Retd.). He talked on general perspectives of quality higher education in Indian Universities. He emphasized on the importance of improvement of quality education at Amity University Madhya Pradesh and discussed the best possible activities and practice that can be introduced to attain this. He spoke about the aims of higher education and discussed about various commissions and quality assessment procedures. Gen. Sharma commented on various challenges prevailing in higher education and also about the present scenario of higher education in the country. Hon’ble Vice Chancellor pointed out various aspects of quality improvement at Amity University Madhya Pradesh which will lead the university to more growth and success in future.

In the second lecture of the day Prof (Dr.) Sheo Kumar Pandey, Vice Chancellor, Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla University, Raipur, Chattisgarh, spoke on Some Wishful Thoughtson Improving Quality Education in Indian Universities. He represented Education is the global heritage of the human civilization. He emphasized on the role of education for sustainable development. He gave an integrated view on education, networking the academic institutions and expressed his concern for basic sciences.

In the third lecture of the day Prof (Dr.) Raghunath K Shevgaonkar, Former Director IIT New Delhi, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Mumbai, discussed about how to make a World Class University. He gave various examples of renowned world class universities and showed the best possible practices to become a world class university. He discussed various aspects of quality improvement,teaching methodologies and infrastructural modifications required to become the best.


The fourth day of the faculty development program started with the lecture of Prof. (Dr.)D. P. Agarwal, Former Director IIITM, Gwalior, Prof. IIT New Delhi, Chairman UPSC, New Delhi. He talked on Quality Higher Education in Indian Universities.

In the second lecture of the day Prof. (Dr.) D K Bandyopadhyay, Chief Advisor, FPO, Amity Group,delivered his speech on change of mindset to become an effective teacher. In his interaction with the faculty members, he tried to motivate faculties with various aspects of teaching.


The fifth and the last day of the faculty development program started with the lecture of Prof. (Dr.) D K Bandyopadhyay, Chief Advisor, FPO, Amity Group. He discussed the recent changes in Accreditation Process in India. During his lecture, Dr. Bandyopadhyay interacted with the faculties of AUMP and discussed many aspects of teaching methodologies, knowledge enhancement etc.

In the Valedictory Session of the FDP, the Chief Guest Prof. (Dr.) I S Chauhan, Former Vice Chancellor, Barkatulla University, Bhopal and Former High Commissioner, Fiji, delivered his talk on Quality Higher Education in Indian Universities.  

In his concluding remarks Vice Chancellor of the AUMP, Gwalior Lt. Gen. V.K. Sharma, AVSM (Retd.) congratulated the organizing team for the successful conduct of the FDP. He talked about the lectures which were delivered from day 1 to day 5 and thanked the resource persons for giving their valuable knowledge to the participants. He motivated the participants with his knowledge and told them to try to go for quality improvement, to achieve more success.

At the end of the Faculty Development Programme, the organizing secretary Prof. (Dr.) S.P Bajpai, Dean Research, AUMP, Gwalior proposed the vote of thanks to all resource persons,organizing team, participants and management.

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