Dr. Kukjin Chun Dr. Kukjin Chun, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), R-10 Director (Asia Pacific Region) visits Amity University

Dr. Kukjin Chun, Institute ofElectrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), R-10 Director (Asia PacificRegion) along with Mr. Harish Mysore, Director, IEEE India Operations,Chairman, IEEE U.P. Section & Chairman, IEEE Delhi Section visited AmityUniversity Sector 125 Noida.

Institute of Electrical andElectronics Engineers (IEEE), the world’s largest technical professionalorganization has more than 4,20,000 members in over 160 countries.  R-10 (Asia Pacific Region) has Australia,China, India, Japan, New Zealand and Korea Council.  It has 56 sections under it including IEEE UPSection.

Welcomingthe guest, Dr. Sunil Kumar Khatri,Director, Amity Institute of Information and Technology presented a briefabout Dr. Kukjin Chun and said that Dr. Kukjin Chun received a BS degree fromSeoul National University in Korea and a PhD degree from the ElectricalEngineering and Computer Science department of the University of Michiganmajored in MEMS. He mentioned that Dr. Chun served as Seoul Section Chair in2007 and is now a member of IEEE MGA SDEA committee. Also, he was the Presidentof the Institute of Electronics Engineers of Korea with the largest membershipin 2012 and President of Korea Sensor Society. He averred that Dr. Chun hasbeen a member of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea since 2007.

Addressingthe gathering, Dr. Kukjin Chunlauded the vision of Amity which he mentioned is in align with IEEE that is todesign technology for the benefit of humanity. He said that students are thefuture of a country and encouraged them to be part of IEEE as they will get anopportunity to collaborate and network with eminent researchers from across theglobe. He further briefed about the history, mission, projects undertaken and activitiesof IEEE. Dr. Kukjin highlighted the significance of MEMS technology and averredabout the difference between MEMS technology and IC technology.

Duringthe visit, Dr. Kukjin Chun and Mr. Harish Mysore were taken for a round ofcampus wherein they appreciated the contemporary infrastructure, state of artlaboratories and Amity Innovation Incubator.

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