Amity University Madhya Pradesh organized Workshop on “Research Paper Writing” on 20th July 2017

A one day workshop on Research Paper Writing” was conducted by Amity Business School, Amity University Madhya Pradesh on 20th July 2017 for research scholars and academicians who are actively engaged in teaching and research.

Objectives of the Workshop

1. To provide understanding of desirable practices in research and impart understanding of technicalities of research paper writing.

2.  To provide clear understanding of Do’s and Don’ts in research paper writing.

3. To emphasize upon the importance of drafting and designing the conceptual framework for research projects.

4. To provide adequate knowledge of handling quantitative data and its presentation.

5. To comprehend the expectations of journals of repute and avoiding top reasons for rejection.

Details of Workshop

The workshop started with the inaugural session in the presence of Prof. (Dr.) Anil Vashisht in the seminar hall block C. A total of 40 participants attended the workshop. The introductory session was taken by Prof. (Dr.) Anil Vashisht-Director, Amity Business School. He elaborated upon the current scenario and challenges in the field of Business Management Research.

Two pre- lunch sessions were conducted by faculty members of ABS. The first session was conducted by Dr. Meghna Goel in which she dispelled some myths related to research and spoke comprehensively on ideation and concept building for research. This was followed by a session by Dr. Rohit S Tomar who imparted knowledge about literature review, drafting, citation and referencing. The above two sessions were followed by lunch at the multipurpose hall. The post lunch session was conducted on quantitative data presentation by Dr Rohit S. Tomar followed by a session on plagiarism and dealing with rejections by Dr. Meghna Goel. Feedback of the participants was taken through feedback forms at the end of the workshop. 

The workshop concluded with the valedictory session in the seminar hall of block C. The certificates, duly signed by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Amity University Madhya Pradesh, Pro Vice Chancellor and Director Amity Business School were distributed among the participants by the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor.

The media gave adequate coverage of the workshop before and after the event. The successful conduct of the workshop further strengthened the brand image of Amity University, as a research and innovation driven university among research scholars and academicians across different institutions and universities.

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