“The world needs Pi-shaped IT professionals with broad knowledge of all disciplines and deep specialized knowledge of one or more specific areas” avers Prof Mark Reynolds- University of Western Australia during his lecture at Amity

Under "International Lecture Series", Prof Mark Reynolds - Head of School of Computer Science & Software Engineering, University of Western Australia visited Amity University and delivered an Interactive lecture on“Recent technological developments in Computer Science, Information Technology and Big Data” at University Campus, Sector-125, Noida

Dr. Manoj Sharma and Wg. Cdr. Goel from International Affairs Division, Amity University welcomed the distinguished speaker.

Delivering the lecture, Prof Mark Reynolds outlined the changing job scenario in Australia with special reference to IT profession. He stressed that various job profiles have suffered a setback in Australia due to automation and made a forecast that over the next ten years, the profile of Telemarketers will completely disappear from the market and the least affected profile would be of “Dentists”. He highlighted that the field of IT is witnessing a change at the moment- it has become pervasive, inter-disciplinary, fragmented, specialized and the trends are likely to continue in future.

He opined that various streams of Engineering be it Electrical,Mechanical or Civil, are witnessing gradual changes. He shared that all streams, now, need Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and knowledge of Data Science. He stressed that the multi-disciplinary nature of digital business will demand new breed of IT professionals who would be Pi shaped with broad knowledge of all disciplines and deep specialized knowledge of one or more specific areas.

He shared that IT professionals in Australia have identified few skill gaps in the profession which include knowledge of “Cloud Computing”,“Data Analytics”, “Critical Thinking and problem Solving”. He called upon the students attending the lecture to apprise them with the all these technical and soft skills in order to be successful in IT profession globally.

He urged students to work on their people, communication and management skills to be able to talk to people from other disciplines and works of life. He motivated the IT students to update themselves with latest developments including Data Science, Artificial Engineering, IoT, Coding, Cloud Computing, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in order to become globally employable.

Dr. Manoj Sharma thanked the erudite speaker for highlighting and sharing practically driven concepts of IT with the students of Amity. He expressed his hope that the students willfollow the advice and suggestions given by Prof. Reynolds during his lectureand will therefore, benefit immensely from the knowledge shared.

The lecture was attended by students of IT & 3 Continent/International Engineering programs at Amity University.

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