Amity Mumbai - Orientation Programe : 2017


A three day Orientation Program for the new batch of MBA (2017-19) and BBA(2017-20) students was held from 16th-18th August, 2017. Prof. Nisha,then began the next session by welcoming the parents and students on behalf of Prof. Pankaj Shukla, Director AGBS Mumbai. Prof. Shukla then addressed the parents and students. He congratulated the students for being a part of this wonderful institution and also briefed the parents of how Amity nurtures talent and works relentlessly towards giving its students the knowledge, skills and the exposure that they so need to make their mark in the corporate world. He also shared the vision of our Honourable Founder President Sir, Dr. Ashok K. Chauhan; he expressed gratitude for the guidance of our respected President & Chancellor Dr. Atul Chauhan and our beloved Sr. Vice President, Shri U. Ramachandran.

DAY 01 :- The first day of the Orientation Program began with the registrations of the students. Post the registrations, the morning session of the program began with the students being given their first Industry exposure through a very interactive session with two Industry Experts, Dr. Prasad Ramanathan, Sr Director at Capgemini Technology Services India Ltd and Mr. Karan Totlani, Vice President- Corporate Services at Sodexo India.& Mr.Totlani shared with the students the importance of networking and how to build a strong self image. Dr. Ramanathan discussed with the students the importance of building the right skills and attitude for success in the corporate world. He spoke of the important pillars of success and how they could enhance their skills and personalities and leverage these skills and knowledge to get the best of what the industry had to offer.

The post lunch session began with the presentation of all the non-academic activities held in college.The senior students introduced the freshers to various clubs and events conducted at Amity, including the AML and Sangathan held at Noida. The freshers were motivated to join in and showcase their talents at the various platforms offered by Amity.

The second half of the day also included a very interactive session with our alumni from the 2008-10 batch, Mr. Hersh Lilaramani. Mr. Hersh shared his journey from being a student at Amity to an entrepreneur that he now is The budding young minds with entrepreneurial dreams were keen to understand how they could also pursue their dreams and he  was only too happy to share the importance of hard work and vision and how Amity helped nurture his dreams. It was an enriching moment for the students since they were assured of how Amity could help them shape their future.

The first day thus ended with students looking forward to a new beginning and new educational journey ahead.

DAY 2:- The second day of the Orientation Program began with our guest from Noida, Shri Subhash Jagota addressing the students. Mr. Jagota once again regaled the audience with his wit and humour. As always, his wise words left the students desirous of seeking more knowledge and guidance on their path ahead.This interesting session was bubbling with questions and curiosity of how the students need to be industry ready.The valuable insights shared by Mr.Jagota were just what was needed for the students to feel motivated and reassured of the bright future that lay ahead of them. This was followed by Management Games which began with icebreakers thus taught the very lessons it was meant to. Team spirit, leadership skills,decision making were all tested and brought to fore. The day ended with some of the best stories created by the students through a handful of pictures handed over to them and the energy in the seminar hall echoed the talents and vibrancy of the young minds.  It was thus a day very well spent with students looking forward to their final day of orientation.

DAY 3 :- Every new beginning needs an auspicious start.The third and the final day of the orientation program thus began with the Havan by the pandit. The seminar hall was beautifully laid out for the same.Parents and students along with our Director Prof. Pankaj Shukla and the staff of AGBS participated in the religious ritual. Post the aarti and prasad, the parents were offered tea and refreshments.

This was followed by the Faculty and Staff introduction by Prof. Shukla. He personally introduced the faculties to the parents and students and stressed on the rich and vast industry and teaching experience that the faculty brings to the class and how the students would benefit from the same. Prof. Megha then held a session on Anti-Ragging Policy at Amity. She gave an insight into the mind of `Raggers’ and the impact and consequences of ragging. She reiterated the fact that Amity has a zero tolerance for ragging and also requested the parents and the students to support and promote anti-ragging policy.

Post this, it was time for Prof. Shubendu to take the students on a virtual tour of the world through Amity’s Study Abroad Program (SAP). Prof. Shubendu highlighted the benefits of the SAP and described in detail the advantages of the global exposure offered by Amity. Students and the parents felt encouraged and motivated by the ease with which they could acquire global exposure offered at various Amity Universities abroad.

At the end of the first session, the parents and students were treated to a sumptuous lunch.The final day of the Orientation session thus ended well with the parents feeling satisfied and relaxed on having their children begin their next journey at Amity and the students looking forward to spending their days at this wonderful institution for a bright future ahead

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