Amity University Madhya Pradesh organizes National Conference on Emerging Trends and Advances in Civil Engineering (NCETACE-2017) on 31st August, 2017

Amity School of Engineering& Technology, Amity University Madhya Pradesh organized a National Conference on Emerging Trends and Advances in Civil Engineering (NCETACE -2017) on 31, August, 2017. In the current global economic scenario, latest technologies and advancement in the field of Civil Engineering are not only the key to meet the economic and social needs of all sections of society at large, but also for sustainable development and inclusive growth of the society as a whole. Developments of green buildings,sensor-embedded roads & buildings, geo-polymer concrete, and water management have stimulated the global Civil Engineering and industrial growth. Consequentially, the potential of these technologies in empowerment of citizens and job creation is, of course, immense. The aim of the conferencewas to familiarize students with the above developments and groom themselves accordingly.  In this conference more than 70 papers were received from various places of India, out of which 58 papers were selected for publication after peer review.

Inaugural Session: 31 August 2017

The programme started with the auspicious lamp lighting by Chief Guest Dr. S.K. Mittal, Ex. Professor, MANIT, Bhopal, Guest of Honour Dr. M. R Bhutiyani, Scientist Gand Director, Defence Terrain Research Laboratory (DTRL), New Delhi, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Lt Gen V K Sharma, AVSM (Retd.), Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) M. P. Kaushik, Organizing Secretary of the event and Director ASET Maj Gen (Dr) SC Jain, VSM** (Retd.).

Thereafter, Hon'ble Vice Chancellor AUMP Lt Gen V K Sharma, AVSM (Retd.) delivered the opening remarks and enlightened the participants with the importance of sustainable development. He stressed that for sustainable development renewable energy and modern construction techniques should be used. Importance of developments in the field of construction,Material like heat absorbing material, High-rise buildings, structural design,building services, retrofitting techniques, traffic engineering and various thrust areas of research in the field of Civil Engineering were also explained by him.

Dr. S.K. Mittal, Ex. Professor, MANIT Bhopal was the Chief Guest and Key Note speaker of the conference. He delivered the Keynote address on “Changing Scenario in Civil Engineering”. In his talk Dr. Mittal addressed how the Civil Engineering techniques changed from the Indus valley civilization to date.  Also in his talk he emphasized the various problems to be kept in mind while designing Civil Engineering course. He suggested that the duration of Civil Engineering course should be changed from 4 years to 4.5-5 year.

The next session was chaired by Dr M. R. Bhutiyani, SC G & Director, Defence Terrain Research Laboratory (DTRL) New Delhi. He delivered a talk on “Applications of Advanced Geospatial Technology”. In his lecture he stressed that Geospatial Technology is an active area of research that evolves knowledge of environmental systems. Advancements in these fields enhance the performance and usability of environmental models and information systems.

Thereafter, the Souvenir of the conference was released and Mementos were presented.

Post Tea session was taken by Prof. (Dr) S. K. Jain, Madhav Institute of Technology and Science, Gwalior. He gave his talk on “Earthquake resistant design through base isolation”. In his talk he explained that the base isolation is the most powerful tool of earthquake engineering. It is meant to enable a building to survive a potentially devastating seismic impact through a proper initial design or subsequent modifications. Contrary to popular belief base isolation does not make a building earthquake proof. During his talk he emphasized on the fact that more advanced techniques for earthquake resistance is not to strengthen the building, but to reduce the earthquake-generated forces acting upon it.

Post Lunch session was chaired by Maj Gen (Dr) SC Jain, VSM** (Retd.), Director ASET, Amity University Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior on“Modern Construction Technologies in Civil Engineering” He emphasised on the fact that the term 'advanced construction technology' covers a wide range of modern techniques and practices that encompass the latest developments in materials technology, design procedures, quantity surveying, facilities management, services, structural analysis and design, and management studies. Incorporating advanced construction technology into practice can increase levels of quality, efficiency,safety, sustainability and value for money. In his talk he splendidly presented the need of the adoption of advanced construction technology which in turn requires an appropriate design, commitment from the whole project team, suitable procurement strategies,good quality control, appropriate training and careful commissioning.

Last session of the day was the technical paper/poster presentation of participants which was chaired by Prof. Mohan Kantharia.

Valedictory Function: 31 August 2017

The one day conference ended with the Valedictory Ceremony which began with the welcome of Chief Guest Dr. R. K. Pandit, Director, Madhav Institute of Technology and Science (MITS), Gwalior by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, AUMP Lt. Gen. V. K. Sharma, AVSM (Retd.) along with Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) M. P. Kaushik, Organizing secretary and Director ASET Maj Gen (Dr) SC Jain, VSM** (Retd.), Dean Research Prof. (Dr.) S. P. Bajpai, Dean Academics Prof. (Dr.) R. S. Tomar, Registrar Shri  Rajesh Jain, Deans, HOIs, HODs, faculty members of AUMP, Gwalior and participants.

In his valedictory address,Chief guest Dr. R.K. Pandit, Director, Madhav Institute of Technology and Science(MITS), Gwalior talked about “Recent Developments in Building Construction Technology”.  In his valuable talk he focused on the various recent softwares and construction technologies that help in faster,economical and eco-friendly development.

In his concluding remarks,the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor, Amity University, Madhya Pradesh Lt Gen V. K. Sharma explained the various issues related to the Construction Technologies and Research Methods for sustainable and efficient infrastructure solutions.

Thereafter, the winners of the Best paper and poster were given certificate and prizes by the Hon’ble Chief Guest Dr. R.K. Pandit along with the Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Lt Gen VK Sharma, AVSM (Retd.),  Pro-Vice Chancellor Prof. (Dr.) M. P. Kaushik and Director ASET Maj Gen (Dr) SC Jain, VSM** (Retd.). `

The vote of thanks was proposed by the Convener of the conference Prof. Mohan Kantharia, HOD Civil Department,Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Amity University, Gwalior. In his vote of thanks he thanked on behalf of Amity School of Engineering and Technology, distinguished guest of the day Dr. R.K. Pandit, Director, Madhav Institute of Technology and Science (MITS), Gwalior, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Amity University Madhya Pradesh, Gwalior, Lt Gen V. K. Sharma, AVSM (Retd.), Pro Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr M. P. Kaushik, Dean Research Prof. S P Bajpai, Registrar, Deans, HoIs and HoDs, faculty members and the supporting staff of AUMP,  Administration Department headed by Col. S. K. Sethi (Director Administration), Mr Umesh Kant Sharma & their Support Staff,  Dr Sumit Narula, Director, ASCO and his team, participants and students who attended the conference, members of all committees, last but not the least Members from print and electronic media.

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