High profile Delegation from top French Engineering Institutes of Network N+I visits Amity for identifying areas of mutual interest and collaboration

 A high profile Delegation from top FrenchEngineering Institutes of Network N+I, headedby Executive Director of N+I- France, Dr Jean-Pierre Trotignon visited AmityUniversity, Noida to discuss and identify the areas of mutual interest.

TheNetwork "N+I" is a consortium of over 50 French Grandes Ecolesd'Ingénieurs (top level engineering schools) and for 15 years it has been thebiggest network in France. These schools have come together and combined theirinternational cooperation operations so as to offer a better service to foreignstudents.

Thedelegation members comprised of Mr.Georges Santini, NETWORK N+I, Mrs Golda Malhotra, NETWORK N+I, Ms. DanielleAndreu , ENSEEIHT, Ms Farah Hefied, ESTACA, Ms. Nazima Canda, EPITA,  Mr. Laurent Bigue, ENSISA, Ms. AudreyMarguerie, SIGMA Clermont and Mr. Thibaut Skrzypek, Les Ponts ParisTech ENPC.

Dr. Gurinder Singh- Amity GroupVice Chancellor stressed that there is lot of synergybetween Amity University and member Institutions of Network "N+I". Hebriefed them that Amity is the largest private education group in India andScience and Engineering domains are its biggest strengths. Outlining variouspotential areas of mutual cooperation he stated that Amity is looking forwardto strengthening its “Research” base, holding joint Conferences and Seminars,initiating Internship Abroad Programmes with NETWORK N+I.

Givinga presentation about NETWORK N+I, Mr.Jean-Pierre Trotignon, NETWORK N+I outlined various programmes offered byNETWORK N+I in Engineering, Sciences and Technology including Pre-DI, Rendez-vous"n+i",GET and PURE. He stressed that NETWORK N+I ensures thatstudents are better prepared to play a key role in the "global" worldby supplementing their own culture, mother tongue and English language skillswith mastery of the French language, knowledge of French culture and an internationallyrecognized  qualification. He shared thatin France, there are 5 years Integrated Programmes offered in Engineering and astudent can easily earn around 36,000- 40, 000 Euros every month.

Numerouspotential areas for mutual cooperation were mooted during the discussionincluded  Student & Faculty Exchange,Joint supervision of PhD scholars, Joint Research and Consulting, Immersion andInternship programs on a reciprocal basis, Developing joint programs andestablishing Amity Campus in France.

Alsopresent during the discussion were Prof.(Dr.) Ravi Prakash, Advisor (Engineering Design & Research) and Head, AmityInstitute of Technology, Sh. R. M. Aggarwal, Addl. DG, ACICA, Dr. D.P. Singh,Professor & Director, Amity School of Architecture and Planning, Dr. AbhayBansal, Joint Head, Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Prof. SunitaRattan, Addl. Director, Amity Institute of Applied Sciences, Wg. Cdr S K Goel,Dy. Director, International Affairs Department and Dr. Manoj Sharma, AmityInternational Affairs Department.

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