Inauguration of International Conference on “Law and Justice-2018” at Amity University

Amity Law School Noida, Amity University, UttarPradesh started an International Conference on “Law andJustice-2018” on theme “Good Governance and Human Rights in DevelopingNations: Experiences and Challenges” at University Campus, Sector 125Noida.

Inaugurating the conference, Shri PankajSingh, MLA, Noida, Uttar Pradesh said that law and politics must functiontogether to ensure good governance in a country. He averred that good law leadstowards good political transformation. He remarked that legal education isimportant since even the Constitution of India was drafted by the people withlegal background. Shri Singh apprised that laws are wrongly considered asrestrictions but on the contrary, law leads to freedom of citizens. However,with changing times, laws also need to be amended. He pointed out that morethan 1400 obsolete laws are indentified which should be abolished on urgentbasis.  He termed the youth as demographic dividend and emphasized thatthey should be guided towards right path to avoid being a demographic disaster.He called upon the budding legal professionals to work with credibility,dedication and perseverance for a successful profession and subsequentlycontributing towards nation building.

Mr. Ashish L Sawkar, Legal Attaché, Office of theLegal Attaché, Embassy of the United States of America said that the mark of good governance isreflected by the treatment imparted upon the citizens who are in need. BasicRights and Human Rights are paramount to good governance. He stressed thatunderpinning these rights, however, are the rule of law which is equal for all.Law is supreme and no person is above all.

Speaking on the issues in Kashmir state, Mr.Ashok Srivastav, Sr Journalist, DD News stressed that the issues in thestate are the reflection of bad governance rather than just violations of humanrights.  He advised the students to conduct thorough research on any issuebefore forming any opinion.

Dr. D K Bandyopadhyay, Chairman, Amity Law Schools calledbudding law professionals as the agents of change who will bring positivereforms for the betterment of society. He stressed that India has the bestpolitical and legal structure since democratic system is the right way ofgovernance.

Dr. Aditya Tomer, Addl Director, Amity Law SchoolNoida and Dr. Shefali Raizada, Addl Director, Amity Law School Noida were alsopresent during the occasion.

The objective of the conference is to provide aplatform to Academicians, Researchers, Practitioners and Students with mutualinterest in the issues of good governance and human rights by deliberating uponrecent innovations, trends and challenges encountered and further suggestingsolutions adopted in the fields of Law and Justice.

During the two day International Conference, 150research papers received from 8 countries including UK, South Africa, NewZealand, Bangladesh and Pakistan will be presented.

During the conference, various technical sessionswere conducted on various topics including ‘Recognition of facets oftransnational corruption as crime across the globe: Challenges and Issues’,‘International terrorism as crime across the globe’, ‘Access to Justice forPoor: Right to Free Aid & Services’, ‘Right to Clean & HealthyEnvironment and Right to Development’, ‘Rights of Women & Children in theGlobal Scenario’ and ‘Rights of Tribals and their Culture in Globalized World’amongst others. 

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