Delegation from Deakin University, Australia visits Amity

Amity International Business School hosted a full day exchange programme for a delegation from Deakin university on 13th December 2007. The visit started with an address and workshop by Dr. Gurinder Singh, Pro Vice Chancellor, AUUP & DG - AIBS on “Improving Effectiveness through Cross Cultural Values, Attitudes, Leadership and Self Awareness”. He enlightened the audience by giving role-plays and references from Bhagwat Gita and the relevance of cross cultural values in improving the effectiveness of an individual. The visit of students was also enriched by the thoughts shared by Dr. C.S.H.N Murthy, Faculty from ASC on “Role of Popular Press and new Media in India”.

A cricket match of 20 overs a side was organized between the students of the two Universities in the afternoon. The enthusiasm of the students of AIBS was multiplied by the opening stance of their Director General and the Pro VC of AUUP, Dr. Gurinder Singh; thus ensuring a stimulating victory of AIBS by 201 runs.

An exciting competition was held between the keen debaters of both the Universities on the topic ‘Cricket is the most Civilized Sport’. The AIBS team of 3 MBA students spoke in favor of the motion while the same was opposed by the team from Deakin University. The contest was declared a draw. The award for the best debater went to Mr. Adam from Deakin University. All the participants were encouraged with a book each.

During the day mementoes were exchanged. AIBS gave pens to all the students of Deakin University and in addition, also gave caps to all the cricket players. The faculty members of Deakin were given shawls and Dr. Gurinder Singh also presented a shield to the University as a special of appreciation of their visit. token also given to The guests from Deakin University gave a T-shirt to all the participants from AIBS.

The visit concluded with dinner and an Australian Son suns by the students of Deakin University, followed by a dance performance by them.

The overall interaction and exchange of in depth thoughts and practical experiences left a strong impression on all the participants. The students of both sides were exposed to value of cross cultural factors and the visit helped to further strengthen the collaboration between the two Universities.

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