Brain storming Session on the Impact of Excessive Exposure of Media on Adolescents by Amity Institute of Education, Delhi

TheAmity Institute of Education, New Delhi (AIE) organised a Brain StormingSession on the theme “Impact of Excessive Exposure ofMedia on Adolescents” on 2nd February 2018(Friday). It was the second session in the seriesof Brain storming sessions, planned on different days and subjects.

Theevent was chaired by Dr. Ranjana Bhatia, Principal cum Director, AmityInstitute of Education (AIE), New Delhi and Ms. Nipunika Shahid, AssistantProfessor, Amity School of Communication, Noida. Nineteen teachers participatedfrom various reputed schools of Delhi and NCR to generate creative solutions,innovative ideas and strategies as per their experiences on the theme in thisbrainstorming exercise.

Thesession commenced by the invocation of Goddess of knowledge, and lamp-lightingceremony initiated by the guests of the event and welcomeaddress by Dr. Sanjna Vij, Assistant Professor, AIE (New Delhi). She shared herviews and familiarized the members with the theme of the session. Sheintroduced the topic defining media as “omnipresent” and describing mediaas a tool used for communication and like any other available tool; we need tolearn how to use it.

Ms.Nipunika Shahid, acting as the moderator of the session, addressed thebeginning of the brainstorming session by stating her interest in the field ofmedia.

Ms.Shahid brainstormed the session by presenting the idea of the screen- screensin terms of media consisting of video games, smart watch, tablets, internet,television, smart phones and various other electronic gadgets, especially whichare used in schools. This explains that because of the prevalence of electronicmedia, the amount of time spent on print media has decreased. Ms. Shahid alsoreferred to the impact of media as a concerning issue because it pertains toall of us as a society which is exposed to media on a daily basis.

Likea coin which has two sides, media too has good as well as bad impact on theadolescents. Therefore, there is a need to balance our thoughts. The paneliststook the discussion further, contributing their ideas based on theirexperiences as a teacher. The teachers presented the various problems they facewhile dealing with the illusion created by media, presenting fantasy as areality, especially among adolescents.

Todaymedia has become a sign of prosperity which has challenged the roles andresponsibilities of parents as well as the teachers. In order to enhance thepersonality of the pupil, the use of technology with trust and guidance ofparents and teachers is important as there is no escape from media. Everyonepresent agreed upon the fact that excessive exposure to media is creatingnegative impact on various aspects of adolescent’s life. For instance, theintensity of family values and morals has been distorted and the level ofaggression has increased. Adolescents are developing body image and self esteemissues due to cyber-bullying, peer pressure and negative portrayal by themedia. This has also led to more of virtual interaction than face-to-faceinteraction.

Thepoint that was fore grounded throughout the session was in favor of conductingworkshops and seminars to sensitize parents, teachers as well as children aboutthe right way to use technology by counseling them in a compassionate way and emphasizingthe importance of ‘art of talking’ and ‘creativity’ with adequate andappropriate use of media.

Thesecond year B.Ed students of AIE, Saket also shared their experiences andviews, reinforcing the thoughts and strategies shared by the experts during theenlightening session.

Further,Dr. Ranjana Bhatia shared her own personal experiences throughout her journeyas an academician, emphasizing the emotional, spiritual, physical, social and ethical needs of theadolescents which must be addressed by the teachers with love and compassion. The session successfully concluded with theclosing remarks by the moderator Ms. Nipunika Shahid.

In the end all teachers were felicitated bygiving a book with a message from Founder President.


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