Amity University Madhya Pradesh organizes a Celebration of Matrubhasha Diwas on 21 Feb 2018

Amity University Madhya Pradesh celebrated 21 February 2018 as Matrubhasha Diwas. To mark this occasion a Self Composed Poetry Recitation Competition in the various mother-languages of India was organized wherein the participants were invited to recite their own compositions.

The programme started at 4.00 pm in the Seminar hall A-Block of the university. As the recitations advanced, the audience engaged in the beauty of expressions,thoughts, feelings, rhymes and rhythms of poetry. 

The participants chose a variety of topics for their recitation such as, patriotism,motherhood, beauty, love etc.

The parameters for evaluation for the event were:   content,presentation, originality and creative expression.

The judges of the competition were Dr. Manisha Singh, Associate Professor  Amity School of Engineering and Technology (ASET) and Dr. Deepa Pandey, Associate Professor, Amity Institute of Behavioural and Applied Sciences (AIBAS) .

The prize winners of the event were:

Best Composition: Pratush Vidyarthi, CSE VI Sem, ASET

Best Delivery: Rishabh Sharma BJM IV Sem, ASCO

Best Content : Siddhartha Singh BSc VI,  AIB

The competition showcased the talent of students in poetry composition and recitation and celebrated the immense love and comfort in communication that each one of us has in our mother languages.

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