Amity Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, Amity University organises a “Workshop on Inclusive Education for Pre-Service Teachers of Regular Education”

Amity Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, Amity University organised a “Workshop on Inclusive Education for Pre-Service Teachers of Regular Education” on Feb 26, 2018 at University Campus, Sector-125, Noida

As the demand for better training of teachers about Inclusion of students with diverse abilities increases, the question that arises is what constitutes best-practice professional learning for upskilling teachers about Inclusive Education. While a variety of existing practices ranging from in-school support to system-wide approaches are employed globally, identifying which to use must be grounded in the context and specific needs of individual teachers and schools. 21st century education systems have a clear need for teachers who are sufficiently competent and motivated to know how to include children with Disabilities in the Mainstream classroom. In order to develop the skills, experience and confidence to be inclusive of all children with diverse learning needs, Amity Institute of Rehabilitation Sciences, AUUP organised ‘WORKSHOP ON INCLUSIVE EDUCATION FOR PRE-SERVICE TEACHERS OF REGULAR EDUCATION’ for Bachelor of Education students of Amity Institute of Education, New Delhi affiliated to Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi.

The workshop had an array of sessions focusing specifically on how to prepare teachers to work with children with Disabilities in an Inclusive environment.Teachers are a critical component to creating Inclusive classrooms that allow children with Special Needs to learn and thrive. Careful attention to teacher preparation is therefore a must if we are to continue to ensure to provide effective and efficient access to quality Inclusive Education today.

The first session titled, ‘Inclusive Education: Overview’ was taken by Prof. (Dr.) Jayanti Pujari, Director-AIRS,AUUP which focused on forms of Inclusion and Exclusion in Indian Education, benefits of Inclusive Education for Children with Special Needs and addressing diversity in the classroom. Second session titled, ‘Children with Special Needs’ was taken by Mr. Naveen Singh, Assistant Professor who focused on types of Disabilities, Technology available for diverse learners and the National and International Educational Provisions for Persons with Disabilities. The third session titled, ‘Inclusive Practices in the Classroom’ was conducted by Ms. Anusuya K. Yadav, Assistant Professor. The session focused on responding to Special Needs by developing pedagogical strategies and differentiating instructions to respond to individual needs of the students and provisions pertaining for facilitating differently abled students in CBSE and ICSE Schools. The fourth session titled, ‘School’s preparedness for Inclusion’ was taken by Ms. Deepti Ahuja and Mr. Saurabh Kumar Mishra, Assistant Professor. The session talked about support services available in the school for facilitating Inclusion and role of the multidisciplinary team in the holistic development of a child with Special Needs in the Inclusive setting.

It was an insightful workshop, preparing pre-service teacher educators towards‘INCLUSION FOR ALL’.





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