Amity Law School organizes Gender Fest

To mark International Women's Week celebrations, Amity Law School Noida organized a ‘Pep-Talk’ as part of Gender Fest to sensitize students about importance of gender equality at Amity University Noida Campus

Ms. Ranjeet Ranjan, Member of Parliament from Bihar & All India Congress Committee Secretary and Mr. Rocky Tuseed, President, Delhi University Students Union interacted with students and raised pertinent concerns regarding gender inequality.

Sharing her views, Ms. Ranjeet Ranjan said that despite numerous efforts to raise awareness about women empowerment, gender imbalance still exist in present times. The foundation of gender equality lies at home since society adopts the values that emanate from the family set up. She stressed that stereotyping affects children at a tender age. She pointed out that the major drawback for gender equality is the dependency of women for societal approvals for their rights and even for empowerment. Ms. Ranjan highlighted that women should strive to empower themselves on their own. She averred that the fight for inequality is not only amongst women and men but also with women and women. She called upon the women to respect the gender and empower other women.

Mr. Rocky Tuseed averred that the movement of gender equality has led to women representation and reservation at various fields but they are yet to be empowered. He stressed that women have still not been provided with equal rights by society. 

Ms. Shefali Raizada, Jt Head, Amity Law School Noida thanked the guests for sharing their views and motivating the students to spread the message of gender equality 

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